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  1. If we stay up - I think he will stay simple as that.

    To leave will as big a wrench to him and his family as it will be to fans. He would go from being the biggest fish and Captain of a biggish club, HIS club, to being a part of something bigger and supposedly 'better' at a club currently higher up than us. 


    That said IF we go down, he's gone if only to kill the FFP implications and in a way his leaving HIS club would therefore help HIS club.


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  2. On 13/09/2019 at 17:22, Brumerican said:

    @LancsVillan  What's the story behind the Scotty Miller pick ? I doubt even Bruce Arians knows who he is . I haven't seen a sleeper that deep outside of Bill Cosby's basement.

    Picked him up as had read two different articles that he was looking good and unfortunately he got injured late in preseason. Gamble didn't pay off, oh well


    Need big games from late games this week to stop from going 0-2 

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  3. 25 minutes ago, hippo said:

    Must admit I was almost relaxed when the seen the ref disallowing the goal  - I was sure VAR would overrule it.

    I don't fully understand the bit about the ref blowing the whistle - thats almost like saying when the ref makes a decision VAR can't get involved - so whats the point of it.



    I have watched and re watched the video and Friends arms are at his side with whistle in hand as Jack passes to Lansbury,  it makes it even worse.


    The missus is keeping away as I am still that furious over an hour later

  4. 2 minutes ago, OutByEaster? said:

    We've got what we deserved for the way we've played.

    Palace have got more than they deserved for the way they've played.

    Friend deserves to never referee again.


    Spot on

    We started like a team that believed a lot of our fans and that it was 'only' Palace. The same Palace that had their tails up after their win at OT last week. Rude awakening once again that there is not a single side in the division we can 'expect' to beat. Unfortunately too many fans that think that because we are Villa we should

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