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  1. Spray

    Milot Rashica

    Those using NewsNow can block all Birmingham Live publications using the cog, they're the biggest load of crap imaginable.
  2. With Carroll to come on after 75 minutes. Good ol' Brucie. Carroll 0 goals in 21 apps last season, but here's a new contract...
  3. I'm contemplating how much I want to put on him ending up at Newcastle.
  4. Daka looks really impressive, but also very expensive.
  5. I don't even know why I'm entertaining you, you have a picture of a manure player, says it all really.
  6. If you're getting at the signing of him back then would be like the signing of Watkins now to prove some point, then you're barking up the wrong tree. Would you sign Chris Wood from Burnley?
  7. I never said he wasn't good enough for us. I said the chances of him lighting up the Premier League like he did in the Championship is basically slim, unlikely. I also said I'm not opposed to signing him. The "some don’t think he’s good enough for us" has nothing to do with me or what I wrote.
  8. What's with the riddles? Just say what you want to say.
  9. And how do we get to 10th? We take their best player(s). What we don't do is gamble on some rookie again.
  10. Burnley, better than Aston Villa? I don't rate Iheanacho, or would want him.
  11. Leicester have the current Premier League top goal scorer and golden boot winner to fall back on, they ain't worried about a damn thing. "You wouldn’t be happy if we signed Salah, Messi or Ronaldo." I posted about wanting Salah on-loan when Chelsea were binning him off, before he went to Fiorentina, before he got so huge.
  12. Everyone is ranting and raving about Watkins. A player that has zero Premier League experience and has had one good season in the Championship. The chances of him immediately hitting the ground running for us against superior defences are slim. Just look at Bowen - consistently excellent in the Championship, but found the transition to the top flight difficult. He didn't do too bad assist wise, but his usual goal scoring form was non-existent after moving. Lots seem to have forgot that the Championship is a league where dross like Cameron Jerome regularly scored double figures. I'm not opposed to the signing of Watkins, but he simply cannot be our only forward signing. We must sign a striker that has played in the league we are in. I would be buying Chris Wood, he scored 14 league goals in 32 league apps last season, an excellent return.
  13. That's your opinion, which isn't factual. The link dropping is also hearsay, which is irrelevant. When we hammered Norwich (like pretty much every other team did) this guy looked very poor. Also, it's "dumb" for me to use his defensive and attacking stats, as a RB, to counter your post about him being a "coup" for us. Yet you do the same thing below, and solely use stats to back-up why Wilson, as you put it, is "a very good player." Posted Saturday at 22:14 Callum Wilson has scored 41 premier league goals in 106 games worth of premier league football in terms of minutes on the pitch, he's also provided an assist sixteen times in that period as well. There's a reason why he's been linked to the likes of Chelsea, Spurs and Man Utd and that's because he's a very good player. Posted 21 hours ago His record is 41 goals and 16 assists in 9559 minutes of premier league football, if you divide 9559 by 90 it comes to just over 106 games worth of premier league football that he's played in terms of minutes on the pitch.
  14. A right-back that in 40 appearances last season produced 1 assist and 0 goals. He was also a part of the worst defence in the league and you think he would be a big coup for us? Jesus Christ! I swear some of you actually want to make us worse. Even Elmo produced 3 assists and 3 goals and Guilbert 2 assists and 2 goals in less appearances than Aarons made last season.
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