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  1. Have never understood the faith in Davis. Needs a full season in the championship on loan to prove something. Absolutely should not be the 2nd option. Not really fussed otherwise with the game today.
  2. I’ll admit I’ve skimmed the last 15 or so pages so this may be redundant. Anyways, securing Barkley is going to prove to be immense this season. Too many times over the years we’ve relied on Jack to carry the ball up the field. If the other team negated his ability to get free we ran out of attacking ideas. Barkley gives us another bonafide ball-carrier in the middle of the park. I think we were interested in Rashica early on and it’s possible that would’ve moved Jack central. But I think we’ve dodged a bullet there as we now have Luiz, McGinn, and Barkley in the middle who are all capable def
  3. Almost feel like that video was made to slander when you watch the other linked video which shows some great play.
  4. Completely agree. Admittedly didn’t watch too many of Watford’s matches but going off the top highlight video on YouTube and if I knew nothing about him I’d say he was worth no more than £5-£10 million.
  5. 13/2 in Segunda last season. Also, 12 yellows which seems like a ton for a forward.
  6. Fee is close to what we’ve been quoted for Rashica so possibly trying to spur that deal on. If it was between Traore or King I would take Traore every time though.
  7. Completely fine with King now that Watkins is done. Actually think it’s a great bit of business as a squad option. Was terrified of him being our primary striker.
  8. In regards to Watkins, the Athletic did a great write up comparing Watkins and Mitrovic at the end of the season. They had a heat map graphic of movement between the two and Mitrovic’s was almost exclusively down the middle in the offensive half while Watkins’ map covered almost the entire half. We’ve severely lacked a striker with his movement and he’s great at holding the ball and getting his teammates involved. If he can carry that over up a level then we may finally see Dean’s tactics on full display.
  9. Buendia may be had for half of Benrahma and if that were the case I don’t see a massive gap between the two and would be fine with Buendia instead. But I still think Benrahma could be the next Marhez and possibly even better.
  10. I lost count how many successful take ons he had in this video. This should be our #1 target.
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