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  1. There has been tons of MLS references this offseason, I guess I thought I was one of the few Americans on here. Let me preface by saying I’m a huge supporter of American football and the league. But if we’re looking for upgrades on the first 11 in MLS count me as terrified. This team needs established players and having experience in the league or championship is a huge plus. I want top half finishes and cup runs, not relegation battles because we filled the squad with up and comers again. I would only take Mckennie and Pulisic right now, otherwise the pool is too inexperienced.
  2. We should absolutely be in for Ramsdale if that fee is in the ballpark.
  3. There’s actually multiple good tidbits in that article from Evans. I guess if you only follow Villa and football it may not be worth it to you. Purslow apparently personally sourced and signed Drinkwater.
  4. Wes with a higher expected goals per 90 in the PL. Gomez also played a fair amount in CL and did not score. There were multiple games I was frustrated with Wes but analytics tell us he would’ve been more than serviceable in his first season.
  5. Genuine question, not being rude. Have you watched Stones with City? I wouldn’t pay any more than £10 million for him and then I would convert him to a holding midfielder. He can be borderline diabolical as a CB and that’s within a squad that’s top 10 in the world.
  6. I agree with all of this, but... I don’t think we need a complete overhaul. I was impressed with Engels for the first quarter of the season. Konsa looks like he could turn into a 1st rate defender. Hause I’ve got nothing for ya. Got no clue what anyone sees in him to be honest. Another season under their belts with a legitimate attack could easily be top half.
  7. NSmith22

    Dean Smith

    I would urge those that have a sub to read Gregg Evans latest article on The Athletic. It highlights the analytics of our defense since the restart and how great it’s been. I’m not going to keep quoting the articles out of respect for the company and the writers.
  8. NSmith22

    Dean Smith

    This. We need to go for our #1 targets and I want an emphasis on players that have done it in this league or a top class championship player like Benhrama.
  9. I’m American and it’s not a snob comment. Marsch is not even remotely on the same planet as the other managers we would consider. And tbf, I’m a MLS and USMNT supporter. He’s literally done nothing to warrant consideration at this moment in time. However, I do think he’s got the makings of being a good manager in a top 4 league. Let him go to a club like Stuttgart or Schalke and prove it.
  10. NSmith22

    Dean Smith

    Reports that Leeds accepted £25 million for Philips but he turned us down to stay. That’s where we get Luiz, Nakamba, and Drinkwater. Luiz has been exceptional in the restart but it was probably too little too late. It leads me to my original points that Smith I’m sure has a shortlist of transfer targets but once you get to 2nd, 3rd, 4th choice how much do you think he actually knows those players, especially foreign. Think about how many positions on the field...11. Let’s say since we’re newly promoted we’re getting our 2nd, and 3rd choice targets. Do we think Smith is managing the first team, keeping close tabs on the youth setup, scouting opponents, spending time with his family, and then going across the UK and Europe to scout 40+ players for transfers? Once you get down to 2nd and 3rd choice he’s relying on the other professionals in the sporting department to do their jobs. Here’s the philosophy and here’s the types of players needed for that philosophy.
  11. NSmith22

    Dean Smith

    This x1000. It’s not like he was offered Willian and Trez and decided on Trez. I don’t get why these scenarios are so hard to grasp. 99% of a managers job is managing the first team. What would be the point of having an entire sporting department if Smith did all the other work equally?
  12. NSmith22

    Dean Smith

    I guess he should sub himself on as a striker by that logic. I think the allocation of blame is way off the mark here. Smith is absolutely not blameless but when you’re in the top 6 in chances created with El Ghazi and Trez on the wings, Keinan Davis at striker, and Neil Taylor bombing up the flanks you deserve a medal.
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