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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if we signed No one.
  2. Dale Stephens has been released from his hotel room that he's been in since August 2012 as he's moved to Brighton.
  3. Joseph Yobo anyone? Bit of experience at the back short-term. In talks with Nawich for a loan deal. Would be nice to pinch him from under their beaks.
  4. FWIW O'Kane got an assist last night and the Daily Mail have claimed in his a target for us within their match report. I went to Bouremouth a couple of months back for a game he wasn't in squad but they played some nice stuff with no end product.
  5. Saw him on Crossbar Challenge the other day. He hit the crossbar, not sure if this is a sign of a good player? Have been to Bournemouth earlier this season - don't recall him standing out saying that nobody did really.
  6. Doubt I could afford the odd away game so good job we're not. Strange way of doing things mind, not really a competition.
  7. I wonder whether a manager has geuninely found a player from Football Manager? Probably would never admit it if they had.
  8. Looks like Blackpool are signing Tony McMahon (think he's a RB?) so can probably ignore the above link. The hunt for a buyer goes on.
  9. Linked with a move to Blackpool in Daily Mail. Going to play with his mate Ferguson show be a draw. Doubt they'll pay all his wage mind. I'm not a link master but here's a bit of copy and paste An announcement on Ferguson's future is expected before Saturday's clash against Doncaster Rovers and he has identified Kris Boyd, Alan Hutton and David Goodwillie as three who will give his depleted squad a much-needed lift. The Seasiders have struggled with injuries and suspensions, with Ince having operated without a recognised right-back for the entire season. That makes Aston Vil
  10. I see this has milked already but if Lambert wasn't bothered about the cup, he's no mug, he's not going to be bothered by tea.
  11. Unless we're only paying a fraction of Lescott's wages then its a no from me. I'd be surprised if Citeh are willing to let him go, they have games a plenty coming up and injury records of their other centre-halves aren't great.
  12. Not this season although would be surprised to see a mutual agreement in the summer. Either that or he needs to get some help in tactically.
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