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  1. On 13/11/2020 at 01:20, Follyfoot said:

    For fans of the 90 day fiancé reality star Darcey Silva she now has her own standalone series that also features her twin Stacey called. Darcey and Stacey. The series follows the ups and downs of the girls as they try to find happiness in love so expect plenty of tears, high fashion, drama and sassy twin tuition in this 10 part blockbuster. Only one episode in so far but it is all you would expect it to be and more and sets up the next show that covers Tom’s secret meeting with Stacey, Tom as you may or may not know is Darcey’s former beau from 90 day fiancé who turned out to be somewhat of a cad propositioning other cast members and also suggesting Darcey had put on weight when they met in New York to try and patch things up. The show is not on its usual TLC channel, it can be found on discovery plus were all 10 episodes can be downloaded at once. Well worth a watch

    I think you've mistaken this for mumsnet.

  2. It's been very amusing watching you @villakram get so precious about me calling Melania a whore. I hope you had a swooning couch nearby as your sensibilities were so offended :rolleyes: 
    Of course she only married Donald for his good looks and charm - how could I think anything else?

    I also mentioned the kids in cages in regard to her because she on as tape as saying "give me f******g break" when talking about the kids in cages. Maybe you and others weren't aware of her comments? I thought it was quite well publicized that she had said that. Obviously a lovely lady.



    Melania Trump has been heard on tape talking about criticism she faced over children separated from their parents at the border in a recording played by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

    The First Lady can be heard saying: “Give me a f***ing break.”


    As another poster said; You tried to equate the Obama era policy of separating immigrant children from bandits, and the Trump administration separation as deterrent policy, as the same. They are very different. But don't let something technical like truth get in the way of trying to have a dig eh?

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