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  1. 23 minutes ago, Nigel said:

    Love the way Mount is being rested tonight because Chelsea are playing saturday at 12....yet our players playing at 3, are fair game to start!

    Think Mount is playing for England unless I read the team sheet wrong?

    Anyhoo - McGinn looked dreadful after playing 3 games for Scotland last time. It took him about 2 weeks to recover.

     I think we should rotate in Nakamba or Hourihane or both and bring McGinn on with 20/25 mins to go.  Worried about Jack too. He played 60 mins, 90 mins and is starting again tonight.

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  2. 3 hours ago, abdulaziz1 said:

    Yes I had some of them. Some pain in the throat, then closed nose, then after I felt everything ok I lost smelling. I'm not sure for how long, but after 5-7 days I started to smell again. Although when I smell the perfume, I smell a different thing. Until it eventually got back to normal. I think I had a fever and a headache the day before I had the throat pain.

    Anyway here in our country, the protocol is to quarantine for 10 days since you have the symptoms (so if the fever and throat ache gone during these 10 days you're considered free of the virus and no need for another PCR). I think I had the first symptom the day we played Leeds.

    I love that you are measuring the possibly deadly world-wide virus pandemic symptoms by when Villa play. :thumb: :thumb:

    Exactly what I'd do :D

    Hope you feel better soon mate :thumb:

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  3. 14 hours ago, mjmooney said:

    Incidentally, I thought Meryl Streep did a far more nuanced and convincing Thatcher in "The Iron Lady". Anderson sounded like she was impersonating Janet Brown impersonating Thatcher. 

    That's who I was thinking of!

    For some reason I that Maureen Lipman was sort of famous for doing a Thatcher but I knew it wasn't right. Janet Brown played her at the end of the Bond film "For Your Eyes Only." My Lord I'm old!

    I agree about Ms. Streep - what an artist.

  4. 7 hours ago, LondonLax said:

    Germaine Greer is another one. 


    If I understood that correctly, her argument is that Caitlin Jenner (Olympic athlete etc. think Linford Christie as a UK comparison) became a woman, including gender reassignment surgery so that she could get the same attention as the women Kardashians? Anyone that could possibly consider that as a stance is a f*****g idiot.

    Germaine Greer has for years lived off stuff she wrote decades ago. She's an anti-intellectual and I can't believe she still gets any airtime to witter on and trot out her uninformed drivel.

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  5. 1 minute ago, sne said:

    A lot of rich folks register their home address in Florida because it has no state income tax (and the weather is alright too.)

    If they spend less than 6 months a year in the state (which you need to claim residency) it is well known that folks buy plane tickets and never actually fly incase the IRS come after them. 


  6. 8 minutes ago, maqroll said:

    The Man in the High Tower...should I watch this? I've tried once before but it seemed sort of soulless. 

    I couldn't get on with it. But in the past couple of years it's rare that any show holds my attention for more than 10 mins.

    I've probably finished about 4 shows total in that time. Probably a result of my diminishing mental capacity and having a toddler.

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  7. 5 hours ago, mjmooney said:

    Just watched the first two eps, and I thought Anderson's Thatcher was awful. By far the worst thing about what is otherwise very good indeed. 

    It was a hammy comedy version, I never believed in the character for one moment - all I could see was the acting, a parody Thatcher. All the royals are great though. 

    I agree. To be fair she has the voice down so well that if you close your eyes it sounds like a Spitting Image doll. But the mannerisms and the writing is just dreadful. Also why are writers trying to make us like the witch?


    All that, oh she doesn't fit in with the toffs playing their stupid game with the cork. Well, why did she **** the working class in the arse then? The puritanical bitch.

    Though it is the first time the series has shown for real what the aristocracy are. A bunch of drunks with nothing but contempt for anyone not in their circles. It's been like that for hundreds of years and even though though they are on their last legs as an institution - they still are the same today.


    Also, a very odd juxtaposition of the Royals hunting with Mountbatton's bombing. I thought WTF and it seemed very one dimensional to me - happy to hear other opinions though.

    I've enjoyed some of the Crown - especially the parts I didn't live through - Churchill and the fog for example. But this series I lived through and so I know how it actually was. I'm fairly certain there's going to be a ton of revisionist BS toward Thatcher and Diana and it's going to irritate the shit out of me. 

    I think the writers know this is what everyone wants to see and will try and please the Daily Mail flag waving readers as much as possible while also creating controversy. The world doesn't need anymore anger FFS - just keep making Ted Lasso!! 

    Rant over.

  8. 3 minutes ago, maqroll said:

    I like the premise, actually. Even though it's absurd. I haven't seen any of it but I just read several reviews on iMDB and people love it. 

    I highly recommend it as a great antidote to the real world we currently live in :thumb:

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