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  1. Just now, Awol said:

    Antifa have been rioting for months, calling for the end of capitalism, defunding the police etc. The Dems were going around the country bailing out the people arrested for burning down mom and pop businesses.  That plays well with a certain part of the electorate and disgusts the other. There's every chance Biden still wins, but given Covid the fact it's even a question shows how badly the Democrats have pitched themselves.  

    Ok where to start with those sweeping statements. (FFS I was going to bed here!)


    defunding the police etc.

    Which means reallocation of police funds to mental health professionals, social workers etc. Admittedly a terrible tag line for a great idea.


    The Dems were going around the country bailing out the people arrested for burning down mom and pop businesses. 

    Left leaning organizations were fundraising online for folks. It isn't like Tom Perez was taking a private plane with Obama flags tied to one wing and Biden flags on the other to break Che Guevara out of prison. Target, Walmart etc. aren't mom and pop stores. They are huge companies traded on the NYCSE.



    The group that hates fascists? Yeah, I'm kinda down with that. Sorry I don't like fascist c*nts.

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  2. Just now, Awol said:

    Latinos who've come or whose families have come from central America, Cuba etc. loathe socialism - having seen its extreme manifestations in action. Likely they've been scared off by the extreme wing of the Dem's (I don't think Biden is a socialist btw). 

    The "extreme wing" that advocates for health care for everyone and a $15 per wage. How is that extreme or "Radical?" (as in the radical left)

    I think demanding to have an infinite number of guns and automatic weapons and denying science as extreme and radical.


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  3. Just now, DCJonah said:

    This is the problem with politics around the world. 'I'm ok so **** the rest of them.'

    For any benefits he might bring, there are currently over 500 kids who have been separated from their parents and now are lost to them because of him. This is the kind of stuff people are voting for. 

    Don't forget the FORCED hysterectomies on asylum seekers.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Vancvillan said:

    3. The economy was going great for some, not for others working two jobs on zero hours contracts in a country where healthcare is privatized. Biden's "tax hike" affects only people who make above a certain threshold, and on the odd occasion that I've breached it I would have been happy to pay extra tax if it meant poor kids in my neighborhood weren't going hungry.


    The Biden tax increase is for folks who earn over $400K so er... can you lend me $500? Pretty please? :D

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  5. 1 minute ago, Awol said:

    BBC saying the counters have been sent home for the night in Georgia. Given the stakes, that seems pretty crazy. 

    Isn't that the state that was only allowed to start counting mail in ballots this morning at 10am? So they've been going for 16 hour straight.

    Give 'em a break! :D

  6. 5 minutes ago, LondonLax said:

    Look, as I keep saying on here (and in the Tory party thread), if people’s only response to these election results is to say the other team are a bunch of racist idiots this is going to keep happening over and over. 


    I'm not sure why you've quoted me as I didn't say that. Although you do regularly seem to quote me with something you think I've said that I haven't.

    Please stop doing that - cheers!


  7. 1 minute ago, Awol said:

    Probably projecting personal bias - really liked Yang!

    Early shout was Trump via the EC, if I'd bet on it then wouldn't be cashing out yet..

    Yang had some interesting proposals for sure. But that would appeal for Millennials and progressive  30/40 somethings.

    Trying to win what is a binary decision in a country this large with so many demographics is like trying to thread a needle. You have to appeal so many different ages groups, lifestyles etc. 

    Sadly it looks like he'll either sneak the EC or it will be close enough that he can tie everyone up in litigation and take us all down a path we've never been before.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Awol said:

    I'm exaggerating slightly, but disagree that he's 100% all there. That's been obvious since his mental Corn Pop speech - imho. Andrew Yang or even Tulsi would have done Trump over with ease.

    Gabbard or Yang? I'm sorry my friend, you are way off the mark here. There is absolutely no way they would have succeeded against Trump.

  9. 3 minutes ago, HanoiVillan said:

    Loads of your adopted countrymen love this shit 🤷‍♂️

    Yes - there are a lot of people over here who love to be sold any old shit. (Just watch the infomercials.)

    Trump has just managed to sell himself as the anti-hero Politician and he has built on years of poor education, years of Fox news hate, and years of struggle for the average blue collar worker. He has then presented himself as a swashbuckling Messiah and a lot of people have fallen for it hook line and sinker.

    Perhaps the US is a victim of its own... something. I'm clutching at straws tbh.


  10. 1 minute ago, Awol said:

    Picking a candidate who is visibly senile?

    I disagree that he his. (That's if you are serious and not being contentious for the sake of it.)

    If you watch edited 10 second twitter clips he could look that way. But watch his town hall which replaced the 2nd debate. Calm, lucid, clear. Sure he has struggled with a stutter his whole life but he isn't senile.


  11. Just now, HanoiVillan said:

    If she wins, dems don't have a path to winning the senate (or to be more accurate, their path would rely on winning the two run off elections in Georgia in January, in which they will be favoured to lose both) 

    Correct. The predicted Blue wave has dissolved into a dribble.

    Trump already stated that "the Dems are trying to steal the election."

    This may get horrible. I'm exhausted.

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