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  1. 48 minutes ago, HanoiVillan said:

    Difficult Questions about world records in Olympic women's weightlifting, there's probably not really a good reason for trans women not to be allowed to compete in the ladies' badminton league at the local leisure centre, for instance.


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  2. 7 hours ago, Stevo985 said:

    Like I said in my first post in here, sex and gender aren’t the same thing. 

    Someone’s “equipment” may dictate what sex they were when they were born. 

    But somebody’s gender is up to them. So no, it actually has nothing to do with it. A transgender woman who hasn’t had an operation to remove her equipment has every right to be regarded as a woman if she chooses 

    Ben, how do your thoughts apply to people who are born with both genitalia? 

    My simplistic observation is that if you google "hermaphrodite" the word "disorder" appears a lot. Actually it appears constantly.

    Which is similar to the trans folks on the doc I mentioned above who talk about their representation being all negative.

    If you were born with both genitalia and everthing you find online about yourself is framed as a 'disorder' - well that is **** terrible.

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  3. There's a fantastic documentary on Netflix called "Disclosure" which was extremely educational and really helped me understand some of the issues faced by those in the trans community. Definitely worth a look for anyone who would like to learn.


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  4. 3 minutes ago, ml1dch said:

    I assume it's referring to Biden. He plagiarised one of Neil Kinnock's speeches during his '88 election run.

    One of those weird things that Trump supporters cling to in the absence of actual criticisms. 

    I don't think he's accusing anything on here as being plagiarised. 

    Still not quite sure how he got to that from my post about Trumps lawyers screwing up their filing and being publicly called out for being incompetent. :wacko:

  5. 49 minutes ago, AXD said:

    I didn't really understand how this conversation turned to kids in cages so I went back to look.

    -Someone said he did not really believe these lawsuits would be effective

    -You question this, because the republicans have good lawyers

    -TheAuthority shows a tweet that says the Trump team did not file the appeal correctly, questioning the good lawyers

    -You see this post as plagiarism

    -TheAuthority asks why you mention plagiarism, giving an example of plagiarism

    -You throw in 'deportations under Obama and locking kids in cages'

    Did I summarise this correctly? If so, I am still confused as to how you got from a normal discussion about how all these lawsuits would go about and who would do well in them to using 'deportations under Obama' as a response. That is a completely different matter, or am I missing something?


  6. 2 minutes ago, choffer said:

    Not sure if this has been posted already but it appears that one of Guilliani’s star witnesses outside the sex shop by the landscaping place is a convicted sex offender and a resident of NJ so extremely unlikely to have been witness to count fraud in Philly. 



    It's illegal to be a poll watcher in a county you are not eligible to vote in.

  7. 1 hour ago, Genie said:

    Thank you. As @Xela also mentioned he seems to have genuinely generated a lot of jobs which may underpin a lot of votes, especially the additional ones. 

    Has he really? I'm yet to see an actual report that ties a policy made by the administration directly to the creation of jobs for US workers. However I'm happy to be proved wrong.

    He has ridden the coat tails of Obama's economic recovery for 4 years. The economy was flying then he juiced it even more with a massive tax cut for the rich (taxes for middle class people actually went up.) It was completely unnecessary at the time but it was the only piece of major legislation he's managed to pass and it took Pence to break the tie. It was also Ryan's wet dream the absolute weapon that he is.

    His tax cut made the market even more unstable IMO with massive daily swings.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Genie said:

    What is Trump doing for these areas that are voting for him, does anyone know? He must be doing some positive stuff that we just don’t see to be getting the slice of the population he’s getting.


    He allows them to say the racist bigoted ignorant things they've always thought, but now they can shout about it and don't have to feel ashamed.

    That is quite simply the mass appeal that he has.

    Sure, you can dig down deeper into the Q fanatics and the Christian wackos. I think being stuck at home for the last 8 months has allowed some to go down internet rabbit holes deep into conspiracy theory. That has been proven by the explosion of Q followers. But essentially stupid people shouting guns, beer and **** the brown people always knew deep down they were kinda stupid. They've become emboldened - a mob mentality - a cult.

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  9. 1 hour ago, sidcow said:

    What I can't get over is the massive support he receives from the ultra religious types in America. 

    Surely if the Bible teaches anything its to love thy neighbour and other such nicities.  Trump should be completely at odds with Godly people which shows their utter hypocrisy. 

    Judges and getting Roe v Wade overturned (allowing abortion at the Federal level.) They justify his abhorrent behavior by saying God uses bad people to do good things. That sky fairy is amazing. So is Double-Think.

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