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    Not quite sure who to compare him to in the UK. Genuinely seemed like a great human and the nightly 6pm show was something families often watched together. (Including grandparents, kids etc.)  I know we did.

    His last taping was Oct 29th and will be aired on Christmas day. :(

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  2. I still am unable to let myself believe that:

    1. Biden will actually get to 270 before the electoral votes have to be cast in December

    2. Trump will not come out with some bat-shit play that gains traction and creates a huge crisis

    It's like supporting Villa. Just when you get your hopes up that it's gong well something will come along and kick you in the bolloxs.

    Also, 2 guys just showed up at the Philadelphia town hall in a Hummer armed to the teeth and were quickly arrested. Great news!

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  3. 1 minute ago, Xann said:


    What is going on with his orangeness?

    Applied from across a room by catapult?

    Tinted monocle?

    I think it's a combination of things.

    1. He uses a tanning bed and you wear those little plastic eye covers - thats why he has panda eyes.

    2. On top of that he gets spray tans. (Ghey.)

    3. TV make-up.

    Can you imagine being so vain as to want either of the 1st two?

  4. 2 minutes ago, Kiwivillan said:

    Based on expected votes to come in Pennsylvania is leaning likely Biden which is 273 without Arizona or any others. Some have called Arizona ages ago including Fox but there's 430k votes outstanding that Trump only needs high 50% to overtake Biden. 

    Georgia seems unlikely. I think Biden needs mid 60% of remaining votes

    I'm not saying he'll get it, but in Georgia the votes that haven't been counted yet are absentee/mail ballots in the largest districts (e.g. incl Atlanta) and where Biden is getting about 70% of the vote. 

    So Georgia is very much in play.

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  5. Protest/mob of Trumpers outside of the Arizona County Election building. The non-partizan employees who are counting the vote are inside trying to finish counting the ballots while the mob outside is chanting "stop the vote."

    Oh and a lot of the mob are armed - open carry state.

    They're positioned in the car park where all of the people who are counting parked their cars.

  6. 4 minutes ago, StefanAVFC said:

    Stop the count (Biden is 40k up)

    This is exactly what they did in 2000 in Palm Beach County. They sent rabid GOP staffers from all over the country down to Florida to cause as much mayhem as possible.

    They are scum.

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  7. 1 minute ago, Vancvillan said:

    That combination of pearl clutching and titillation has become their signature...

    They also always have the swooning couch ready for Lindsay (he's not gay and definitely not into under age boys allegedly no siree) Graham.

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