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  1. Would anybody be lovely enough to let me download FM16 off their steam account? I don't get paid till 1st of December and its torture waiting. You can change the password afterwards. Long shot I know but I thought id ask. UTV
  2. Why is he pulling that same weird look for all of his signing photos? Lol, its as if he's a bloody sculpture..
  3. My dog 'sniffer' knows this transvestite called 'schlong' who apparently just saw Barry fry walk out of bodymoor heath with a right smile on ..his face.
  4. ^^^^ This.. Get your pro perks up as well though. You will reap the benefits im sure of it. Especially with sleight of hand pro because most of the time you can get the drop on the enemy.
  5. Managed to pick up Vidic(31yrs) and Pepe(30yrs) both for under 5 million playing as the Villa. They were both unhappy at the start of the 4th season ..Does anyone have any recomendations for a good wing back R/L to back up contreao and Lora?
  6. Mine..kinda hXc version of our badge..
  7. Lightweight Pro + Steady Aim Pro + Marathon Pro = Craziness. I couldnt believe how many kills could be racked up with just stabbing people. Ive had a lot of fun doing this the past few days, Ive also pissed off a lot of kids
  8. Right my brother just bought the map packs for PS3 and has let me sign on to his account on my ps3, so that I can get them also. Is there anything I have to do to install properly? Or should it be sweet? +Brumerican, you got skills mate, we killed it the other night on Headquaters avfchosk.
  9. Only takes an hour to get yourself back up to level 21...by then you have arguably the best guns on the game anyway...
  10. Train your eye..its possible to spot the sneaky bastards. Count the amount of red squares you see for the enemies. If there's only a few then just shoot the shit out of everything that moves...
  11. I'm having problems as of late..especially with quickscope sniping, and the occasional assault rifle. When Im running about I take a shot and then for some ridiculous reason I pull out a claymore!? WTF? I'm not pressing up without realising or anything, its getting rather annoying especially when i'm 1 kill away from Attack Dogs, and a bloody claymore appears in my hands for no **** reason.Wtf am I gonna do with that? quick time place it down and hopefully blow someone up? Unless im playing ground war, 9/10 that will not work my friends! Streuth!
  12. To the chorus of Engelbert Humperdinck - Lesbian Seagull He's quality he's Nathan Delfouneso Settle down and watch with me Climb high Nathan Delfouneso Put one in for us all to see
  13. LOL! We would be the campest team in the league if we sung that.
  14. I posted something very similar to this before to the General and it was ignored ..ALL FOR IT!!
  15. The Boondocks - possibly the funniest adult cartoon I have ever seen. Samuel L Jackson is in it sometimes and he does the voice for this white burglar guy. It also stars Lil wayne. If anyone has watched Metalocalypse then you might agree that its a Hip-hop version of that. Manga/anime style animation. SOOOO DAMN FUNNY! especially 'Uncle Ruckus' Seriously this carton beats family guy, south park, and the simpsons any day!
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