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  1. I wondered if anyone can help. For work, I need to find the name of the game where you have like 5 pictures, and it makes up a persons name etc... They play it on Big Fat Quiz of the Year and i need to find the name of it for a game at work we have so i can get some. Such as the persons name Abbie would be someones abs and a picture of a bee....
  2. I thought Warnock was excellent yesterday - was intercepting some key passes and caused a lot of trouble down the left...
  3. The problem is that getting rid of McLeish would do more harm than good. Key players such as Given, Dunne, Collins, Gabby, Bent and Albrighton have all come out and said they are enjoying life under McLeish, Dunne particularly has said he now wants to paly football for Villa again. By sacking McLeish so soon, would just disrupt the dressing room and things would get worse, whoever we brought in.
  4. Certainly not MOTD.....in our usual position - LAST Oh im sorry, which game on Saturday would you put us ahead of?! We deserved to be last on MOTD this week.
  5. Saw a few signs in his cameo today that he wants it. He was battling, fighting when he came on - we need to see much more of this when he gets chances.
  6. Today he was completely anonymous.
  7. What about us youngsters that want to buy the real legends of club, people like you, a beer?
  8. I just dont get this. We have Our first choice of Gabby, Bent and Heskey ALL starting every game. If 2 of them get injured, we are in a bit of trouble, especially with subs. I just hope this has a recall clause in it.
  9. When Jack Woodward does commentary, i love his pronounciation of Jean du Makoun! He never just says makoun, he has to say the whole name!
  10. General, Can you get your military buddies over here to kick some ass in London and Birmingham!!
  11. General, I have STILL not received my season ticket and there is 10 days to go until the season kicks off. This is shocking. I know we aren't at home, but I haven't been able to listen live to tonight's game for example or access the content on AVTV. I probably speak for many when I say this is very poor service. The club are eager to take your money ok, but when it comes to sending out the Season Tickets, they are shockingly slow. Mates support Chelsea (got his mid July), Arsenal (got his 23rd July), Fulham (mid july). Please let me know what is going on here and what we do if
  12. I know it sounds stupid, BUT... We NEED the 20m from Downing to pay for these deals.... it doesnt make any sense to not have signed him if we agreed a fee already, like with Given.
  13. This - if he hands in a transfer request what can we do? Its crap. Modric is a perfect example of how you deal with it. You come out straight away and tell the fans and the world he is not for sale. The manager says no way he is gonig anywhere. the CHAIRMAN says he is not going anywhere. What happens? Modric is gonna stay at Spurs, and he will honour the contract he signed. Will he play bad? Of course not, he is bigger than that. Whereas with Villa, the CHAIRMAN says nothing. the manager says he isnt for sale, then he says he wants to go and we just roll over and say ok sure. You al
  14. Trappatoni compared him to Buffon 2 years ago!
  15. Anyone live in London who has a season ticket? PM me as just bought one for next season...
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