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Appointing a CEO ....


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Reading back through some of the old aston Villa storys online to kill time in work, I came accross the one of Bruce langham and how he had a 3 year plan, to re establish Aston Villa, but due to Deadly Dougs differing Idea's or more likely reluctance to back this re-signed ...


Now randy lerner spends alot of time in the states coming back when possible to catch games, now he does seem to be interested in progressing aston villa and in lambert as a manager I beleive we have a manger capable of doing so ...


So would it not maybe be a good idea to appoint someone like bruce langham again if not maybe even himself, to run the club day to day with lambert and basically work with lerner or on lerners plans on a more consistant basis when lerners off following his other business interests ...


Just a thought what do you guys think, Cos I think with a decent stratedgy of not just throwing money like the oil barrens at a club and guy who's able to implement it I can see lerner fanancially supporting it ..


Debate ..

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Faulkner still in charge as far as I'm aware and is doing the job Langham did back then. He's doing pretty well too IMHO. Am quite sure decisions such as transfer budget or managerial appointments (McLeish's in particular) are above his pay grade and can't be attributed to him.

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