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  1. Before the last two I was wondering how he'd cope being second to ollie. Unless smith starts 442 it's ollie that needs to start worrying now, great option to have
  2. It's gone be Hourihane or Nakamba. you heard it here first
  3. Anyone at all thinking maybe jack is actually holding this up, I mean if we've said we want 100 million, Jack's happy with terms, but still turning up to training, maybe just maybe it is him. He's seen the progression, the signings, the plan on one hand he is a massive villa fan and wants to lead and be part of it all on the other he has his want to prove himself at a much higher level. Maybe everyday he's playing with mcginn making him laugh, speaking to Dean, he's dragging his heels not knowing himself. Just an outside of the box thought
  4. Oi, I love matty cash, so we can sod that idea, superglue a wig on hourihane and shave Jack's head instead
  5. i think it safe to say he is going/staying/ signing a new contract/ attending training/ missing from training/ in julie B's basement with dale stephens/ also now wearing a turkey costume with john mcginn/ been seen drinking again with barkley/ walking his dog with his mrs in manachester. or something there abouts maybe/ maybe not to give you all some much needed clarity on the situation
  6. maybe if there is a delay on this if its actually on, maybe were trying to explore the avenues of adding a loan or player signing attached. cos if grealish is going in someones having there game time cut to accommodate him if pep really wants him, and maybe we've asked about a season loan for foden as jack might take his place or some of his games, so he can still develop and fill jacks space for a season in our team, or were trying to get Mahrez/ G.Jesus/ silva or being really audacious mr big head sterling involved via part exchange/transfer/ loan.
  7. Imagine selling jack, getting 3 or 4 great players in and deano doing a Leicester and winning the league. would people rub it in jacks face or in some weird irony thank him for leaving and allowing us to create perfectly balanced and lethal team with the money
  8. Everyone going on this is the jack money being spent, is no one looking at the bucks/eden/swaris and rather then being negative. Perhaps thinking Jack said will I win things at villa and the owners creating a team to make him think I can win stuff here to keep him. Maybe man city got his attention so the owners put a mad contract and agreed a point to prove signing to entice him to stay not to replace him
  9. its cos purslow, nassef and wes havent stopped laughing at the offer long enough to text ''no chance, not interested, how much for foden??'' back yet
  10. just get grealish to bodymoor, half an hour of laughing his ass off with mcginn he'll realise he doesn't want to go anywhere and then Wes, Purslow and Nassef will just start writing obscene numbers on a blank contract, before you know it bobs your uncles, fannys your aunt, and agent mcginns wearing a chicken suit
  11. Christian Purslow when Man city finally get through on the phone and say they want to buy Jack Grealish
  12. Seriously imagine being a premier league opposition seeing the 3 or buendia, grealish and Bailey interchanging wondering who to double up on, whilst trying to make sure Watkins ain't breaking for space all at the same time
  13. can you ask him, if bill gates is really helping the government put tracking devices in us via covid injections please, thank you.
  14. if there's one player in the squad I wish could hit that next level it's connor, unfortunately his ceiling for for where we are isn't high enough, wish him all the best wherever he ends up
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