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Fund Raising - Race Night


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I have volunteered to help raise funds for my son's School Trip next year and will be doing a couple of things.


Car Boots - which worked well last night we did this sort of thing, including some items donated by members on here.

Auction of Promises - which is an auction of services, prizes etc (e.g. I will be offering up a free Taxi transfer to either Liverpool / Manchester)


But the tricky one for me is the Race Night as per title. I have no graphic design skills and was wondering if anyone on here knew of some decent easy to use software for tickets and poster. There are a few 'free' ones I looked at but they all stamp the poster/tickets which looks crap :)


Cheers and TFL


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possibly not the easiest product to learn but certainly one of the best ....  could you not download Adobe Illustrator on  a trial period  ...


you'll get 15 - 30 days before you have to register it so it's a kosher download in that regard

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