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Getting rid of high earners is the cause - not the solution


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Well weve heard it for getting on for 3 years now - its goes under a variety of phrases:-

Clearing out the deadwood

Getting rid of the high earners

Bringing the wages under control

..The thing is a lot of fans are on board with this policy....if only we could rid of player X - then we could bring in Y , Z on lower wages. Ive called them 'x' because the names change - but the policy continues unrelenting - find the highest wage earner, bomb him out the club, then find the next highest earner.

Villians - this isn't a solution this is our very problem - until we say 'no more' - we are one of the 7th biggest clubs in the country - why can fulham afford to pay the going rate - but Aston Villa can not ?

And lets not harp back to the MON days - nearly all of those players have left - some for nothing - others for massive profit.

Randy if you want to show a profit, open a pay day loan company, invest in oil , - but if you wish to stay at Villa accept the going rate for premeirship players - and don't try and run this club half cocked.

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Been saying this since we sold our four best players in 3 years and replaced them with players half has good.

I'm not sure we replaced them with players who were even half as good.

The whole investment strategy under Lerner after the first couple of seasons seems to have been panicky, subject to u-turns and entirely inconsistent, even since the middle of the MON era.

Fans have bought into an idea that the first wave of investment was badly done and since then Lerner has got control and is sorting the situation out. (Reducing wage bill, bringing in younger players with potential etc.) It doesn't feel like that at present. It feels like we are just spiralling out of control.and the owner either doesn't care or doesn't know what to do about it.

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