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Campaign: Fans' blueprint


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I was surfing the internet, and saw this page. This is interesting. http://www.fsf.org.uk/fansblueprint.php

Football in Britain is at a crossroads. Financially, the game's never been better off. It's never had more committed followers both at home and overseas. Yet never have so many clubs been on the brink of financial extinction, nor has the game been so ridden by short-sightedness and self-interest. It's time to act.

The Blueprint calls for:

1. The strengthening of strong, independent, unified and co-ordinated governance of the game in England & Wales with appropriate co-ordination and co-operation between the Football Association, Football Association of Wales and the leagues.

2. Enhanced revenue sharing and redistribution to support the development of football’s playing and coaching infrastructure, improved grounds and other spectator facilities and to promote competition on the field at all levels.

3. Minimum standards of governance, administration and financial control for all clubs to be enforced by the governing body in co-operation with the leagues as a condition of membership and league entry, including an appropriately enforced and managed prospective “owners’ & directors’ test” for all persons owning ten percent or more of the authorised and issued share capital or directing a football club.

4. The passage through Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales of Sports Acts granting governing bodies appropriate and sufficient authority to properly regulate and manage their sports subject to minimum standards of transparency, accountability and fairness having particular regard to the impact of domestic and European competition and employment law on sport.

5. A review of the scope and terms of reference of independent appeals panels and commissions in consultation with supporters to ensure that such panels/commissions may only make decisions which accord with the rules and policies of the league or association from which the appeal originates.

6. The development of clear legally enforceable rules to prevent clubs selling or moving from grounds without the explicit prior agreement of their supporters and another ground being developed on a site acceptable to the fans of that club. Consultation on such moves shall be by properly supervised secret ballot after a period of debate and discussion amongst all stakeholders in the club including fans. Those eligible to vote and other matters associated with such consultation to be set out in an enforceable code of conduct covering proposed ground move.

7. Amendments to the law in England & Wales to permit safe standing areas in accordance with established safety criteria and management established by the Sports Grounds Safety Authority at stadia where clubs and their supporters so wish such areas.

8. A reduction to frequent fixture changes to suit television or policing.

9. Prior consultation with supporters on broadcasting contracts to ensure a fair deal for the match going fan and an end to TV “overkill”.

10. A better deal for away fans with an end to discriminatory pricing and away fan bans, including fans travelling abroad for national team and club matches.

11. Improved ticket allocations for international tournaments.

12. A comprehensive review of the structure of all domestic league and cup competitions and the structure of the season involving supporters at every stage.

13. Consultation with supporters on the structure of all European and international club and national team competitions and how they relate to domestic competitions.

14. Engagement with and involvement of supporters in initiatives to combat racism, xenophobia and homophobia on the field and in the stands.

15. An end to discriminatory treatment of away supporters in terms of ticket prices and allocations in both domestic and international competitions and club levels.

16. The development of a regular TV free midweek evenings with no live broadcasts of Premier League, Football League, Champions League or Europa League games to encourage live attendance.

17. An end to the constant above inflation increase in ticket prices, particularly for lower priced tickets.

18. Discount ticket prices for younger and retired supporters with national standards on age criteria enforced by the relevant football authorities.

19. The development of disabled supporters’ facilities at all levels of the game including enforceable minimum standards, working with supporters’ groups including Level Playing Field.

20. Involvement of supporters in all policing and stewarding policies affecting them.

21. Encouragement and adequate funding of supporters’ organisations and involvement in the game at all levels.

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