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The official unofficial Villatalk SPOTY is:-


The official unofficial Villatalk SPOTY is:-  

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  1. 1. The official unofficial Villatalk SPOTY is:-

    • Freddie Flintoff, the rightful winner
    • Kelly Holmes for running very fast a lot. Good Girl
    • Amir Khan for bein' well 'ard at boxin' innit
    • Rooney

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Inspired by (well nicked from) Ligs' SPOTY thread, I thought I'd make one of those votery things.

So who is your Sports Personality of the Year

Poll to run till someone makes it go away, or we all get bored.

Feck - 1 of the options went away - how do I get the scamp back?

Rooney it was, for looking like a pub landlord and playing football quite well

Edit by JC: Put Rooney back in for you :)

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