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Front Page: Preparing to go Forward


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by John_Lerwill

I (John Lerwill) sense sincerity and purpose in what Mr. Lerner is about, but there is one observation to be made, I think. If Mr. Lerner carries on as he has started, then I would say he's fairly unique amongst Premiership chairmen. i.e. in his attitude towards not only getting a successful team pushing the right way, but the efforts to get the total infrastructure right, including the heritage part of it. All at the same time.

His input looks just what was needed, and not a moment too soon. It could be said that a takeover would perhaps have been better done 3 or 4 years ago (or before), but it wasn't, and in some ways - from Mr. Lerner's point of view at least - perhaps it's as well as he did not come in earlier, as the club was, before MON's arrival, sinking to a new low ebb, and the timing of his arrival at this particular juncture has brought about relief and sufficient patience amongst the supporters (apart from Mr. Fisher) to give time and space to now let things happen.

It was quite a unique set of circumstances that have come together at more-or-less the same time. Doug's illnesses and clear reduced ability to run the club properly (well, we know he never was a Mr. Lerner!), the availability of MON and the striking-while-the-iron-was-hot from Mr. Lerner himself. A unique set of circumstances that we should be hugely thankful for, I think - or perhaps we still haven't got over the shock!

I am looking forward to the future under RAL, and, in the shorter term, to be able to reflect on the former glories and great characters that was Aston Villa so long ago through to the present, because I don't think we (the club and the supporters) have really given proper thanks to the likes of Ramsay, Hunter, Rinder, McGregor, right through to Eric Houghton and onto Ron Saunders, Tony Barton and the 1980-82 squad - and GT mark 1 (forgive me for the names I've left out). I'm not sure what the Holte Hotel face-lift will produce, but if it is the needed museum/remembrance centre, then what a way to put our minds in the right perspective before we embark on what should be another great chapter in Villa's history.

I have one specific suggestion to make regarding memorials. You will remember the triple statue outside the Register Office in Broad Street? (Watt, Boulton and ...?) I thought of how a similar statue would be relevant outside Villa Park - showing the 'team' of Ramsay, Rinder and Grierson. And another double statue of Saunders and Tony Barton. That of McGregor to be in the middle (slightly forward), labelled "Father of the World's First Football League". Doubtless, there are other memorials that also should be outside Villa Park, but Villa is a club that have had so many great names we would need to utilise Aston Park to hold them all!

Up the Villa!

John Lerwill

EDIT: LV - oops double pasted there

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OT, but:

Why not create a Front Page articles forum?

because its all Villa Talk anyway. The idea a while back was to post all the front pages in the forum anyway I think (didnt actually happen) and tbh its only recently that the front page has been getting loads of comments - it used to be just the odd few and any major discussion went on in here

IMO the forum is a much easier format that most are able to use easily, the front page is a little tricky to navigate and a pain in the arse to read properly because of its tree structure. The forums more linear postings are much easier to follow

Now whether a Sub forum inside the VT section is more applicable - you may have a point but it still may complicate things a bit - also I don't Know if thats possible)

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Not quite, it's because someone was injecting spam into front page comments.

It's all been done a little on the hoof and the idea of a seperate forum has been suggested.

We'll see how things go.

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