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Giving a time of nearly two hours to get back to Crewe on the Replacement Buses. You may get away with getting a train to Manchester then down from there.

On the way up, instead of advising buses, it advises changing at Crewe and Chester, which seems to be a little quicker, so would be worth looking at for the way back.

Another thing worth maybe trying is changing at Warrington Bank Quay/Central.

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Yeh, looks like the normal change at Crewe or Stafford for Lime Street is out for this one - unless you want to travel early, in which case it looks like upto around 10am are running normally ie. 2 hour journey, 1 change. After that you're looking at 3 hours with changes at Crewe and Chester, and on the way back (would be for me at least) a FOUR hour journey with changes at Manchester and Cov.

As for Warrington Bank Quay & Central...that place still gives me shivers. I was stranded there for 2 hours at around midnight with 5 or 6 others once, waiting for a replacement bus service as the trains we were supposed to be getting from Brum/Cov to Liverpool were ****, so we had to change twice before Warrington and get off at Bank Quay and walk to Central for the bus. Scary place. I thought my town was dead, but Warrington is something else man :lol:

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