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4 hours ago, sidcow said:

Haha. Yes, it was immense, just went on and on. Thought I might be just about visible in that clip but not quite, I was by the end of the bar on the right hand side. 

I thought I recognised the guy on the left from that pub. After the McGinn Goal he's standing on the railings celebrating in front of the players 😂😂

We were in the Prince of Teck just next door to Courtfield. We didn't quite get our pyro march but to be fair the walk from Earl's Court down to the ground was brilliant, just a massive stream of us striding down in full voice, about 30-40 of us went right past their main pub the Chelsea Pensioner as well but it was all good-natured (one adult Chelsea fan wearing actual replica kit socks up to his knees pleasingly got a good ribbing!)

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