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Forbes' Sports Teams richlist for 2016


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Taken from this slideshow.

1. Dallas Cowboys (NFL)
2. Real Madrid
3. Barcelona
4. NY Yankees (MLB)
5. Man U
6. New England Patriots (NFL)
7. NY Knicks (NBA)
8. Washington Redskins(NFL)
9. NY Giants(NFL)
10. LA Lakers (NBA)
11. San Francisco 49ers(NFL)
12. Bayern Munich
13. NY Jets(NFL)
14. LA Dodgers (MLB)
15. Houston Texans (NFL)
16. Chicago Bears(NFL)
17. Philadelphia Eagles(NFL)
18. Boston Red Sox (MLB)
19. Chicago Bulls (NBA)
20. San Francisco Giants (MLB)
21. Chicago Cubs (MLB)
22. Boston Celtics (NBA)
23. Arsenal
24. LA Clippers (NBA)
25. Green Bay Packers(NFL)
26. Denver Broncos(NFL)
27. Baltimore Ravens(NFL)
28. Man City
29. Golden State Warriors (NBA)
30. Pittsburgh Steelers(NFL)
31. Indianapolis Colts(NFL)
32. Seattle Seahawks(NFL)
33. Miami Dolphins(NFL)
34. Brooklyn Nets (NBA)
35. Atlanta Falcons(NFL)
36. Chelsea
37. NY Mets (MLB)
38. St. Louis Cardinals (MLB)
39. Minnesota Vikings(NFL)
40. Carolina Panthers(NFL)
41. Liverpool
42. Arizona Cardinals(NFL)
43. Kansas City Chiefs(NFL)
44. San Diego Chargers(NFL)
45. New Orleans Saints(NFL)
46. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(NFL)
47. Cleveland Browns(NFL)
48. Houston Rockets (NBA)
49. Tennessee Titans(NFL)
50. Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)

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I notice that 27 of the 32 NFL sides are on there.  The 5 sides who somehow managed to be worse than the Browns and the Jaguars are ... the Raiders, Bills, Bengals, Lions & Rams.

Quite incredible given the Raiders' merchandising power that they can't manage to be on there.

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1 minute ago, villakram said:

Where by NFL you mean a federally mandated and protected monopoly to generate guaranteed profits for a very small number of the 1%... land of the free indeed!

Well no more or less than the NBA or MLB but yes, if we want to go down that road.


Still ...


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ohh... absolutely. It's shocking having to explain my frustration at the absence of relegation from soccer over here again and again, and what a pyramid league structure is. Nevermind actually suggesting it should be introduced to the NFL/MLB/NBA :bang:

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The Raiders are hamstrung by their current stadium situation, and their direct competition with the 49ers doesn't help either. Plus, their fans smuggle in their own food and booze, so they lose out on all that concession money :D

And once the Rams get their stadium built in LA, they'll be top 5 on that list.


Didn't expect to see the Celtics ahead of Arsenal!

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