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Oh Boruc! Where Artur Thou?


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I'm sorry for the headline, I really am. With the newspapers smelling the reopening of the transfer window, it's time for them to begin to produce tedious links between Villa and players who we can all argue about and then make up again when we don't actually sign them anyway. And to make things easier, we've even got links to 'YouTube' of these players in action.

If you'd had told me a year ago that Villa fans would have been discussing transfer options to try and drag ourselves into Europe next year rather than worrying about how to get to various Championship sides, I'd have asked you where you had purchased your rather powerful strain of LSD from. So it's rather nice to be talking about signing players, even if the likelihood is that they won't be joining (sorry to put a dampener on things, but y'know...)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3S9Nmx-aO4, the latest English 'sensation', who is currently plying his trade at Derby County, has been warned that he is staying at Pride Park next season. Villa have been previously linked with the forward, but Billy Davies has told him that his future lies in Derby. Poor kid.

Clearly short of ideas, the Sunday Mirror has written what feels like the same story as last week - and the week before - and the week before. They claim that Villa have won the race to sign Craig Bellamyfor £8million - that's £2million more than what Liverpool paid for him less than a year ago. Bellamy, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YQ5888hPY4, upset a few people at Liverpool by allegedly smashing Jon Arne Riise with a golf club on the legs. Perhaps if he does join up, he can compare notes with John Carew, who is also rumoured to have fallen out with Riise in the past. Blackburn are also chasing Bellamy, but it is thought they cannot afford Bellamy's wages, but Villa can and are prepared to match them (cor blimey, how things have changed!).

Artur Borac is yet again being linked with Villa. It seems that Martin O'Neill may have had enough of Tommy Sorensen and looking to replace him with someone from Celtic. Boruc is another player who hasn't been at his present club long, but became a hero following a string of good performances in the Champions League, including this game against Manchester United. It's being speculated that it'll be a deal of around £4.5million, which, if true means either he isn't as good as people are saying as Celtic would be foolish to let him go for that price, or, which is more likely, the newspapers have made it up. Boruc was at Villa Park a few weeks back, prompting rumours of a signing, but it was later revealed that the Polish 'keeper was actually there as his wife is very good friends with Petrov's wife, and had been invited down to the game so the women could have a catch up and talk about women's things, such as chocolate, knitting and kittens. Probably.

Arouna Kone, the big Ivory Coast international who was linked with Villa a few weeks back and subsquently put in a couple of mediocre displays against Liverpool in the Champions League is now said to be going to Arsenal.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8oY8jP-0ss, is wanted permantely by Burnley. Cheerio then.

And finally....this weeks link to a player no one has heard of is Achille Emana. I call this the 'Simplico' award. Emana actually looks quite a good player, is a Cameroonian international and has scored 8 goals from his playmaker role this year. Including this one

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