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Firstly  Hello everyone!


Sorry I haven't been on in a long time, been majorly hectic with new babies, house moves, job moves and cricket :)


Before I get onto bantering about politics, villa, how rubbish the Sha is and everything else you lot talk about now  I am looking for some assistance. 


I am looking for websites which offer really good football statistics, particularly around attendance, revenue, commercial revenues etc which are around football. I have read the DeLoite review of football which came out earlier this year but it doesn't cover some core information I need for a report. 


Total away fans in the football league (i.e. fans who travelled to away matches across the English football league and Scottish football league)


Revenue generated from those fans, or just fans in general. ( I read loosely that football clubs revenue make up is just 23% from fans since the new tv deal has kicked in).


any help in an appropriate geeky footy website would be appreciated, or the stats themselves if you are a said football geek. :)



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