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  1. Aston Villa have won 3 consecutive Premier League games at Villa Park (Palace, Arsenal, Sheffield U) for the first time since October 2007 under Martin O'Neill. I was at all of those: Fulham, Chelsea, Everton. Thirteen years of hurt. Stop moaning and get some perspective. Villa are on the rise for the first time since Lerner came over all Trump-like 10 years ago.
  2. Villa last won their opening match in the Premier League in August 2015. Celebrate. Do not complain. 5 years of hurt.
  3. No team loses to opponents in salmon pink, as I posted at 17:59.
  4. All’s Well That Ends Well. Bill Shakes was a Villa fan. Stratford massive. Probably.
  5. I have given quite a bit of thought to the question of which club could Villa persuade to sign Lansbury. He has some skills recognisable from good midfielders, but lacks graft and application and even interest. Sadly, we will be ripped off, as he runs down his contract and retires, like Nzogbia, Richards, McCormack and far too many others.
  6. Danny Higginbotham. 9,000 times better than Villa-hater Andy Hinchcliffe.
  7. Get on with it, Villa. I have 7 girls to meet from 3 different Solihull households in the pub by 10pm. What? £100 fine?!
  8. Tempo. Villa have none. The passing is languid. Zippy would out-manoeuvre Burton.
  9. VAR must be broken. It made a correct decision in Villa’s favour.
  10. Can Sky Sports match Thursday, when every pundit was so ManU that they actually convinced themselves that was actually a penalty? For Neville/ Keane/ Evra maybe Wright/ Bright/ Andrew Johnson ??!
  11. Villa are bound to let Ayew and Benteke score, so it is simply a question of how to score 3. Just be grateful that Cahill is injured or we would need 4.
  12. VAR looking forward to yet another undeserved victory over AVFC?
  13. The calf of Mings will mean a few games out. We’re doomed.
  14. It is incredible how Watford & West Ham & Bournemouth keep on being as resolutely abysmal as Villa and our team STILL fails to seize the opportunity. If the owners want Deano to carry on, how about forcing him to bring in a ‘shock and awe’ player motivator who does not want his job e.g. Clive Richardson or Dave Brailsford or Alex Ferguson??
  15. They should just have spent the money on Cahill and Maupay, funded by buying fewer lousy squad players.
  16. Dirty Leeds. “ Several clubs invited fans to send in photos of themselves or loved ones to put on the empty seats.The image of the al-Qaeda leader, who was killed in 2011, has been removed.” https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53171423
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