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  1. Anybody know how the sizing compares to last year?Dont want to order wrong size and have the hassle of sending it back over
  2. Leeds fans crashed Twitter because they are having a meltdown after Phillips said after their match that hes leaving to join Villa.... Thats what i hope happened anyway
  3. We are gone to favourites to sign Harry Wilson,anybody heard anything about this? Could be a good alternative to Benrahma if we cant get him
  4. We should try get George Puscas from Palermo.Has been great for Romania Under 21 in the Euros so far.Think he could be a good back up and will probably be cheap enough considering Palermo are going to be demoted to Serie D due to financial problems.
  5. Mooley22

    Wesley Moraes

    Any update on this?seems to have all gone very quiet

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