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  1. He looked a little slow to me.he was chasing back a few times and was no where near keeping up with whoever had the ball
  2. Its a bruce wants Elmo story instead,Cant see the club leaving him go with him being so close to Trezeguet
  3. Not long now till the weekly Nixon/Sun/McGinn/United story
  4. For the prices being quoted for Benrahma and Wilson i think we would be better off going for Hakim Ziyech from Ajax, Was brilliant in the Champions league last year and his release clause is reported to be £25 Million. Would be a huge statement signing
  5. Being honest if we could fund Luiz,Phillips and Marvelous out of a fee for Mcginn and still have money left over you'd have to take it but i dont see Mcginn going anywhere this year anyway
  6. And again https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9598937/aston-villa-15m-phillips-force-way-out-leeds/
  7. The Maupay deal would want to get sorted sooner rather then later,Not good him not playing pre season matches,He will be behind the rest of the squad in fitness and be playing catch up.
  8. Anybody know how the sizing compares to last year?Dont want to order wrong size and have the hassle of sending it back over
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