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  1. Drop Watkins for SJM.....lol
  2. Villa win, St.Mirren win and now Scotland destroy England at Twickers. Pass me a Carlsberg now.
  3. Started following, and supporting Villa, since McGinn joined you as he was my favourite player at St.Mirren. Grealish has always been good, I totally agree but just feel this season, he looks absolutely world class against Premiership players and not just in Championship.
  4. Every pass Grealish hits, particularly to overlapping full back, or to anyone, is weighted absolutely perfectly. It's uncanny. I honestly didn't realise how good he is. Must have chance of Premiership Player of Season if he continues like this.
  5. The offside is as bad a decision as I have seen. Plus, if the offside had been given, the sequence of events thereafter would have changed and probably won't have got penalty.
  6. Give Mings, Konsa, Targett and Cash the freedom of Birmingham now. Outstanding. If they can hold on, I would be erecting statues of them outside Villa Park.
  7. Fair point, meant they were level at top, just behind on goal difference. Great spot.
  8. I thought Villa were magnificent tonight against a team now top of league. Playing such an attractive brand of football. Such a joy to watch. Thought Cash and McGinn were brilliant alongwith Martinez. Onwards and upwards.
  9. I have to say, ridiculous VAR decisions or not, this is an absolutely wonderful football match. Villa have been magnificent so far. United are a good watch too, to be honest. As good a game as I have seen this season.
  10. I don't think Pogba dived. Easy to kick back of own leg trying to hold off opponent when running but it definitely wasn't a penalty. Don't know how you can blame Luiz as he was doing his job by staying tight. Should have been overturned.
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