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  1. Groundbreaking stuff from McPhee. Swing it into middle, someone try and get the heid on it and someone try bundle it in off your cock or groin. The man is a messiah….lol
  2. Totally agree. McGinn has failings but I don't see how he is any weaker than anyone else in the midfield. Think he is a bit of a scapegoat because he cost so little, came from tinpot league and Smith appears not wanting to ever drop him.
  3. I thought he was dire. City seem a team to me that touch then pass, touch then pass. Grealish really slows the play down. Loves to draw man in by holding onto the ball. Interesting to see how he fits in long term.
  4. Wash your mouth out with soap and water Lexicon.....lol
  5. And my team, St.Mirren, get a percentage of your profit, if Villa do sell him as we were club that developed him. When he first went to Villa, that was my hope. That he performed well and someone else bought him giving Saints a nice little earner. Over last 2 years though, Villa have seeped under my skin and I desperately want him to stay now for the next 5 -10 years.
  6. https://twitter.com/ScotlandNT/status/1406552963452129280?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1406552963452129280|twgr^|twcon^s1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bbc.co.uk%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2F57539761
  7. SJM was superb tonight. Skill, aggression, intelligence. Had everything. Billy Gilmour is such a class act. Kieran Tierney is going to be legend down here too. Feels like a victory this. Many parties still going on. Saints, Villa and Scotland. What great teams to support.
  8. I would love to see Villa sign Glen Kamara. Think Watford were sniffing about him. Really think this guy is best defensive midfielder in Scotland and angling for move to England. Doesn't let opposing team play through the lines. Just reads the game so well. Hardly seems to break sweat. He is very elusive when he does get ball and then does the simple thing when it's time to release it. Always think it is too easy at times for opposition to pass through Villa. Kamara is big upgrade on Nakamba in my opinion. Someone will sign him for PL I believe and it will be money well spent.
  9. Tartan Army arrive in London
  10. That first team you picked. I have only 2 words. Champions League.
  11. I am obviously massive SJM fan but I thought he was poor today. Just seemed a bit deep and was often caught in possession. Wasn't our worst player by any stretch of the imagination but used to seeing him offer more for Scotland. Got to give credit to the posters on here. There seems a genuine desire for Scotland to do well which puts us to shame. Obviously having a Villa player in team makes a difference but it is great to see some English lads giving us a bit of support. I think, after today, Jack, Harry and co will be putting final nail in our coffin. Dared to dream.
  12. Friday night, 79 minutes gone, England 73% possession. 17 shots on target to our 1 on target. Corner kick to Scotland, ball breaks to SJM at edge of box. Shuffles past Grealish (who was sorting his hair at time) onto that left foot and before Pickford could even move, the sound of the net rustling, music to The Tartan Army ears. 11 minutes plus injury time of pure, footballing torture but somehow Scotland hold on. I cannot get this dream out my head. Statues of McGinn erected everywhere north of border. King of Scotland. I will get my coat.
  13. Drop Watkins for SJM.....lol
  14. Villa win, St.Mirren win and now Scotland destroy England at Twickers. Pass me a Carlsberg now.
  15. Started following, and supporting Villa, since McGinn joined you as he was my favourite player at St.Mirren. Grealish has always been good, I totally agree but just feel this season, he looks absolutely world class against Premiership players and not just in Championship.
  16. Every pass Grealish hits, particularly to overlapping full back, or to anyone, is weighted absolutely perfectly. It's uncanny. I honestly didn't realise how good he is. Must have chance of Premiership Player of Season if he continues like this.
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