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  1. Andy81


    While I'm here, any chance I could be given access to post in the gaming section of the forum? Looks pretty active.
  2. Andy81


    I don't personally worry about Nuno leaving for a while, there won't be many jobs in football more suited to him. He's universally loved, which is something I've never known for a head coach, he has the complete backing of the owners, who are connected to one of his best mates who happens to be a decent football agent (not sure if you were aware of this or not ), and he basically has free reign at a growing club. Chelsea would have been an awful move for Nuno. They've just lost their best player, and it's up in the air as to if they can sign anyone or not, and even with all this he could be successful and still be sacked there and have to build his reputation up again. The other thing about Nuno moving to a bigger club is the emphasis would be on him to take games to the opposition and break them down, which is something of a weakness for Nuno teams. We struggled against defensive teams last season, and he had the same issue at Porto. With regards to the first season under Fosun and the appointment of Zenga, the takeover happened very late in the close season, and Wolves had very little time to buy a load of players, which happened in a slap dash way. The club thought they had secured Lopetegui, but he received an offer from the Spanish FA which he found hard to turn down. I think if they hadn't thought they had secured him they may have stuck with Jackett that first year, which would have probably been the smart move.
  3. Costa looked a world beater back in 16/17 season, he pretty much kept us up on his own. I don't think he's ever recovered from his ankle injury and his confidence looks shot to me. If he gets a kick in a game he's pretty much done, but he still has it in his locker. Caused United loads of issues at Old Trafford last season, and scored a great goal at Wembley against Spurs. If a team can get the old Costa back they'll have a bargain. I hope someone does for his sake.
  4. Andy81


    Cheers chap, I was only kiddin
  5. Andy81


    I have to admit, Wolves fans online are acting strangely towards Villa at the moment. I think the poster above had it right when he said we see Villa as more of a threat, probably not next season, but the potential is clearly there. I expect in the next five years we'll be competing for the same players and new fans, so it kinda makes sense. And yes, Albion have battered us on and off the pitch for about 20 years. It's been tough. I'm glad we've been in seperate divisions for years now. I don't personally want to play them as I hate those games, and we generally struggled against the crap sides last year, so they'd absolutely beat us again. Anyway, decent draw for us yesterday, should be able to get through the first (2nd? This is all new to me) qualifying round.
  6. Andy81


    We're all idiots.
  7. Andy81


    Genuinely Wolves fans hardly ever thought about Villa before last season, at least since I've been following them. Not gonna lie, there seem to be a lot of Wolves fans who don't like Villa, which has surprised me, but I still expect they're dwarfed by the silent majority who don't care much. Most Wolves fans I know don't mind you at all, myself included. To be honest, there hasn't been a lot to talk about recently either, and you had an interesting end to the season.
  8. Andy81


    Not a big risk at that fee but I always got the impression he was a bit one sided. Isn't his main weapon to cut in from the right on his left foot and just leather it? I expect Premier League defences would handle him quite well, but as I say, 4m is nothing.
  9. Congratulations everyone! Always thought you'd do it from the start of the play offs. Let me take this opportunity to say that while there will be a load of Wolves fans treating Villa as a big rival now, they don't speak for us all. Can't wait for the games though.
  10. Andy81


    I was actually talking about the Southampton fan I met, but I totally agree it's a weaker league for about 60% of the league than it was say 8 years ago. The points have gradually all shifted north for a while now, which is why seventh is like winning a league. It's bloody awful to be honest. Having said that, there was definitely a step up I noticed from last season. It took our players a while to adapt, Jota being the clearest example.
  11. Andy81


    I was at the Southampton game at the weekend and Wolves were crap in my eyes. A lot of people said we played well, and we did have a lot of the ball, but did nothing with it and Southampton took full advantage of our defensive lapses, and just looked like they wanted it more, which they clearly did, after the game there were big celebrations as they knew they essentially stayed up after that result. I did smile at a Southampton fan after the game saying our position platters us, with only five games to go. That's one hell of a lucky streak we've been on, league and cup! Regarding us vs Burnley or Watford's performances, I think it's important to note that those clubs have been building their squads up over a number of years and Wolves have had two seasons in two different divisions. It's a hell of an achievement, and budget is only part of the story as most football fans should be able to tell you. I'm starting to think our squad size just isn't cut out for Europe, finishing 8th or 9th would be amazing.
  12. Andy81


    Just wasn't, don't worry about it.
  13. Andy81


    Walking down Wembley way, my friend was saying there's just no way they could let fans mix like this if we'd have played the Albion, it'd be a warzone! I imagine Villa v Albion would be the same. Do they tend to do anything differently for derbies?
  14. Andy81


    That's not the only song we sing apparently

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