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  1. Andy81


    I was actually talking about the Southampton fan I met, but I totally agree it's a weaker league for about 60% of the league than it was say 8 years ago. The points have gradually all shifted north for a while now, which is why seventh is like winning a league. It's bloody awful to be honest. Having said that, there was definitely a step up I noticed from last season. It took our players a while to adapt, Jota being the clearest example.
  2. Andy81


    I was at the Southampton game at the weekend and Wolves were crap in my eyes. A lot of people said we played well, and we did have a lot of the ball, but did nothing with it and Southampton took full advantage of our defensive lapses, and just looked like they wanted it more, which they clearly did, after the game there were big celebrations as they knew they essentially stayed up after that result. I did smile at a Southampton fan after the game saying our position platters us, with only five games to go. That's one hell of a lucky streak we've been on, league and cup! Regarding us vs Burnley or Watford's performances, I think it's important to note that those clubs have been building their squads up over a number of years and Wolves have had two seasons in two different divisions. It's a hell of an achievement, and budget is only part of the story as most football fans should be able to tell you. I'm starting to think our squad size just isn't cut out for Europe, finishing 8th or 9th would be amazing.
  3. Andy81


    Just wasn't, don't worry about it.
  4. Andy81


    Walking down Wembley way, my friend was saying there's just no way they could let fans mix like this if we'd have played the Albion, it'd be a warzone! I imagine Villa v Albion would be the same. Do they tend to do anything differently for derbies?
  5. Andy81


    That's not the only song we sing apparently
  6. Andy81


    Yes, your run has been unreal, and the results at the weekend all went your way I think? I have to admit, I was something of a Grealish sceptic, but your form since he's been back has been just fantastic. You looked out of it before his return. I agree about Adama I'm afraid. I really want it to work for him, and some games are better than others, but after seeing him put about three crosses straight out of play yesterday I lost my rag with him. I actually think it would have been a good move bringing him on at 2-1 to keep them back a bit, but when you actually need a goal, he's not gonna be the one to help.
  7. Andy81


    Absolutely, all good fun. Yeah, I'm no fan of his, and also Foster who takes a dig at Wolves any chance he gets.
  8. Andy81


    Watford are a very good team, I was very impressed with them in the home league game and yesterday. I was supposed to be going to the away game but I'll be abroad now which I'm secretly happy about as I think it'll be a third loss. I expect them to finish above us now. You're bang on about consolidation and gradual improvement. We've seen what happens when teams try to bring in too many, Everton last season, Fulham this year. I think we were lucky in that the squad that got us promoted was good enough to not need too many players added. I'm very happy, just a little raw at the minute.
  9. Andy81


    Well, we've sold out pretty much every game this season including Shrewsbury at home, so we're doing ok there. I've only heard 'Mind the Gap' sung once at a game this season, at Bristol City away, which was just a throw back to last season, don't take it too personally, that particular spat is dying down I think. We can be friends again now I was more bothered by seeing some Villa fans stick up for Deeney yesterday!
  10. Andy81


    Absolutely see your point. We have dropped a lot of points to teams in the bottom five, a top six team wouldn't do that, so hypothetically if we turned those results around and maintained our record against the top six we would be making progress. To do this I think we need different types of midfielders that can unlock tight defences. Also we have a small squad, a few more players of the same level so we could rest at certain points of the season would also help. There is still room to grow. As you say, the Premier League glass ceiling is shit, and maybe we won't make it through, but it would be good for the league if somebody did.
  11. Andy81


    Absolutely fantastic game, but probably the most painful I've ever been to. That hurt at the end not gonna lie. However, on reflection it's been an amazing season in which our squad and probably coaching staff has developed hugely. We look a real threat now and we're a tough game for every club in the country (Huddersfield aside). I would expect us to improve the squad in the summer and to kick on. Hell of a first season back.
  12. Andy81

    Tyrone Mings

    Guess I'm an idiot as there's no doubt in my mind this was deliberate. Very hard to proove of course.
  13. Me too. West Ham get a massive boost from being in London. When considering their history, I think if you replaced Wolves or Villa with West Ham location wise the attendances would be the same. I live five minutes walk from their stadium and I've encountered plenty of people who aren't West Ham fans but have season tickets just because it's somewhere to watch live football. The stadium is horrible though, hated it result aside when I went in September.
  14. Again, I doubt this was a big factor in the decision, as much as football fans like to think it is. I could be wrong.
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