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  1. Dominating performance \o/ Not sure when the hell Glenn Whelan turned into Andrés Iniesta, but what a rich vein of form for someone who's taken some stick MoTM for me although no one was below a 7. Sucks there is an international break now
  2. Couldn't agree more. Kodjia was terrible, stopped tracking back and when he had the ball I don't think he beat a single man with it. (When he remembered to actually take the ball with him) Jedi your always going to fancy in aerial duels, but holy crap I'd love to see his passing percentage, it seemed like every attack broke down due to him.
  3. Glenn Whelan totally changed the game for me. Jedi couldn't pass a fart and we looked so much better when Whelan came on. (Can't believe I just said that) Probably some of the worst officiating I've ever seen, not just their second goal, but the entire damn game! Ecstatic it was Greenie who got the equaliser, welcome home Andre!
  4. Could be worse chaps, you could be Tommy Elphick looking at a slow ass defensive midfielder playing your primary position.
  5. "You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.
  6. Just saying, but by that logic shouldn't Remi Garde still be our manager?
  7. This really is an excellent summation. Would anyone care to take a punt on examining the match against Blackburn, given the team selection and where the individuals were asked to play and enlightening me on how exactly we intended to score a goal, other than relying on Kodjia magic, which Bruce has said countless times we need to rectify? After reviewing the 11 minute highlights on the website (I'm only able to listen to the game via radio, so can't actually watch it live) we managed a total of 2 shots, one was typical Kodjia and the other was a Lansbury free kick, both in the first half. To be fair, if it wasn't for Baker's terrible pass the game would have probably ended 0-0, which still doesn't excuse the fact that it seems if our guys have the ball for more than 0.5 seconds they have to hoof it or when they try to pass it went right back to the opposition. While not an authority on the subject, by my logic when playing 4-4-2 you expect for the most part, your wingers to be running at people down the flanks and then trying to get crosses in from the byline, so who does Bruce select for this role? Lansbury on the left and Bacuna on the right???? 1 who's probably never played left wing in his entire professional career and has very little pace and the other who just isn't very good, or a winger either. Now I could at least see some sense in this if he'd selected Amavi (Pace) and Adomah (An actual winger) for the wings, but he didn't. I might be blind, but I'm just not seeing what our plan/style actually is, it's one thing to be able to see what's being attempted and us just not being successful at it, but in all honesty all I'm seeing us attempt is HOOF and hope Kodjia does something incredible, which I'll go out on a limb and say isn't working as intended. It's incredibly worrying that 4 months after he was able to make his own signings that there are zero signs of improvement in performances. In fact I'd even go as far to say we've regressed in some instances as there are basic mistakes creeping back into our game, just not all of them are being punished like they were in Jan/Feb.
  8. Under Bruce, we've managed a decent away performance at Brighton and an excellent first half against Preston at Villa Park. For an "IMPROVING" side these should be the norm not the aberration. I'm sounding like a broken record, but he's been saying for months what's wrong and yet it still isn't getting any better. We are not getting promoted relying on Jedi playing 46 games and Kodjia scoring all the goals. Not being as shit as the other team is not a valid strategy, this is Aston Villa, we should be BETTER.
  9. I've really started to change my opinion over the last 4 games about Bruce, I was originally of the assumption that the new lads would need some time to settle in, then we'd see a consistent formation, with some personnel changes here and there and while not winning every game at least see the beginnings of what we intend to look and play like next season. Well...... I'm not seeing anything that makes me believe we are going to be better next year. He's playing players out of position, he keeps saying we need to retain the ball better and yet plays Bacuna and Gardner over Lansbury and Hourihane and also chops and changes the formation every bloody week, so there is nothing for the players to work on consistently and actually get better at. This hoof ball stuff is utterly diabolical considering the talent he has at his disposal. I'm at a loss to explain the fact we signed a goal scorer, assist making midfielder and an attacking scoring midfielder proven at other clubs, who come here and are showing nothing like what they are capable of is mind blowing. You can see one guy having trouble, but all 3 of them after being at the club for 4 months???????? One worried Villain
  10. Seriously, what the hell was that formation with the players selected to play in it? I'm pretty sure anyone on this board knows that you don't play 4-4-2 with no wingers. Defies logic and belief that one.
  11. For the love of god I hope his gates are working properly.
  12. To start with, people calling for Bruce's head at this point are Fing mental. I'll take this form every 10 games for the rest of my days. Defensively we are in good shape, but I agree the attacking play still needs work. For months in pretty much every post match interview, Bruce has been saying that we are relying on Kodjia too much and we need to do much better with the ball to retain possession. On the plus side he can obviously see what the problem is, the slight concern is that nothing seems to be changing in this respect. Personally I'd put this more on the players than the manager though, as it's unlikely his team talk contained the phrases "Make sure u can't pass for shit" or "Show a complete lack of composure in front of goal". My main tactical criticism is that we need to do something different when Hogan is up front with no Kodjia. It's difficult to tell if it's player ineptitude or tactical failings, but whatever we are doing right now isn't working. The hoof and hope needs to go when the ball doesn't stick to your target man. (Hogan = none sticky target man)
  13. He needs to quit international football and we need to buy an adequate understudy so he can have a break now and then. The poor bloke looks totally shagged in some games at around the 70th minute mark. There's no denying the immense value he brings to the team in challenges, heading and reading the play, but expecting the guy to play 46 or hopefully 38 league games next season is a bit unreasonable.
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