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  1. The **** is he supposed to do with a ball like that from Mings?
  2. And that's the end of that. We are our own worst enemies ffs
  3. One of my favourite signings we've made, scored some incredible goals and that one against baggies was so important. Hope he smashes at Sheffield United!
  4. Crap result on paper but with so many players missing it was always going to be tough
  5. Imagine losing to Watford and Brentford in our first 3 games, jeez.
  6. It's a poor line up but should still be beating Brentford, hopefully el ghazi has one of his prime cr7 performances and we'll be fine
  7. You can tell he doesn't want the ball, not showing for anybody. Typical el ghazi performance
  8. The only thing worse than our performance is the referees, absolutely shocking
  9. El ghazi looks so out of place in this team, massive weak link. Lovely guy but we are so far ahead of his standard now
  10. 1st half was pre covid villa, absolute shambles but there's still positives to take from the game.
  11. It's been a dire game, can't judge him on this performance. His goal record in the prem proves he is capable of doing it
  12. Come on bertie, give us one of those mad performances you're capable of
  13. Dean Smiths 1 percent win rate without grealish won't be improving today then.
  14. Hopefully the last time we will start el ghazi ever again
  15. This half already a lot better but I imagine it's to little to late
  16. We dropped some silly points last season against the likes of newcastle, burnley, sheffield united etc if we can square away some of those performances no reason at all why we couldn't finish top 6.
  17. Not even been gone 24 hours and he's already giving it blue hearts
  18. State of the comments, none of them even want him, especially now they've found out Messi is on a free
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