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  1. Tbf the man united we played at the start of the season are completely different to the one now. Really thought we could have beaten them at Old Trafford if it wasn't for some poor errors.
  2. But it could have been much much worse...
  3. Fair play to Bournemouth a point against spurs and possibly all 3 here. They still have a tougher run in than us I think though.
  4. Does nothing then pops up and scores, how is that not a trez masterclass?
  5. A good win today, playing konsa at CB and Elmo at right back was a great decision by him so he gets a lot of credit from me today. Roll on Thursday and if we can beat Everton then we are right back in it.
  6. Surely have to make a change soon, Palace getting into it need some fresh legs
  7. Benteke still loves us. Could have easily left that for dann
  8. This game is gonna get stretched now, play it right and we could get a couple of decent counter attacks
  9. The best part of it is, is the man saying that its not a penalty is the same one who awarded an even worse version of that challenge as a penalty a few days ago
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