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  1. Would be funny as **** if he goes. The best player theyll ever produce sold after a handful of games and they'll never get to see how good he is for their club.
  2. holteend1982

    Pepe Reina

    If he wasn't as good as he is in goals in consider playing him centre mid. Didn't miss a pass all night. Better than Heaton imo what a player.
  3. 8 year deal incoming Great result.
  4. Nice little pay out after we having him a new 4 year deal a few months ago for some reason.
  5. Need the 80th minute to hurry up so Smith can make a change.
  6. It won't change everything but it's more of an advantage than playing without one
  7. Bournemouth 2 up and Brighton, shows how bad Brighton actually are.
  8. Imagine watching that half against Brighton where we didn't look remotely threatening then picking the exact same front 3 again.
  9. But a striker when were on top could have been the difference but Smith went with the same 3 that showed 0 threat last week.
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