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  1. holteend1982

    Steve Bruce

    You could argue the opposite for the first point, he has plenty of money he doesn't need a payout or another job to walk into. It would have been easier for him to quit than go through what we was about to for the sake of a couple of million. There would have been more reasons he wanted to stay than just a bit of a pay out. His comments are also unnecessary and his interviews annoy me more and more with each passing week as they just seem to be excuses now and finally whilst I know he won't be the first to work through something like that it's still commendable that he didnt miss a game with all that going on. I'm only praising him as a person after some of the things said about him though not a manager, I've grown bored of watching us play, the selections have been baffling and our results poor. I'm about ready for a change providing some thought has actually gone into it rather than just replacing him with another similar manager.
  2. holteend1982

    Steve Bruce

    I've not used it as an excuse for his management, it was in response to him been called a "pathetic man"
  3. holteend1982

    Steve Bruce

    Slate him as a manager all you want that's an opinion to do with football but you can't call him a pathetic man. He lost both parents but was still in our dugout come the weekend then when we were days away from administration he was still willing to stay as manager despite the amount of shite the club was about to go through. The personal attacks like this are unnecessary, childish and part of the toxicity we've been trying to rid from this club since Lerner left. Just no need for it.
  4. holteend1982

    André Green

    Gonna be at least 2 months till he plays again then, hopefully he comes back with the form we know he is capable of. You can see the potential is all there I just think it's confidence lacking.
  5. holteend1982

    Proposal: Match day protest against SB

  6. holteend1982

    Jack Grealish

    He deserves his criticism just as much as some of the other players get it.
  7. holteend1982

    Form and Stats

    We've not beaten any of the sides in the relegation zone but nothings to say those teams down there now will be bottom at end of the season so it's not really comparable to beating last year's relegated sides. Again with just multiplying what we are currently on doesn't give the slightest out look to where we will finish, we had less points at this stage last season but finished 4th. One thing is for sure though, if we continue playing the way we have been throughout the season we will be lucky to finish top half, something needs to change.
  8. holteend1982

    Conor Hourihane

    Bacuna v man City as well where Hart was just rooted the spot
  9. holteend1982

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    That shot from Grealish sums up his season so far
  10. holteend1982

    Steve Bruce

    Bad result against Rotherham and that's it for him IMO.
  11. holteend1982

    Jack Grealish

    Been shite again. Needs dropping.
  12. holteend1982

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    This is dreadful to watch.
  13. holteend1982

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    I love how Grealish can play terrible for weeks and it's not his fault but then Chester will give a penalty away and jedinak will get the blame.
  14. holteend1982

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    For the past few games now, we need start hourihane even if it's just to show Grealish his place isn't untouchable.
  15. holteend1982

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    Dunno what's worse, us or the standard of officials in this league