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  1. I think he needed to be registered by yesterday but not 100% sure.
  2. Was just another pre season friendly really. So glad Davis scored though, might help him kick on a bit now he's finally got one after so long
  3. This will be a quality signing if we get it done!
  4. Mount for sancho? I'm genuinely shocked
  5. I thought £22 million would be a fair price for Watkins but I'm past caring now, if he scores 15+ goals and we stay up it'll all be worth it. Still need 2 good wingers though and then it will have been a decent window!
  6. But still incomparable to the Man City model. Add 3 or 4 first team players over the next few seasons and there's no reason why we couldn't be in European competitions
  7. How have our owners tried to make us belive we are the new Man City? You've seen how much money they have and have come up with that assumption on you're own, they've saved us from administration took us up and invested heavily in 1st team players, they are revamping the whole youth system which shows they are in it for the long run and stuck with Smith despite being 7 points adrift at one point unlike city's owners who came in throwing money everywhere and sacking managers.
  8. If grealish switched from Ireland to England can he even switch back now? I thought it could be only done once regardless of him never actually playing for England.
  9. Embarrassing from Southgate this, how can a man who's supposed to be leading our national team be so petty. I wouldn't mind but he's not even a good manager.
  10. I don't even know how any villa fan can have this opinion.
  11. Disgraceful from Southgate.
  12. I rate Trippier and wouldnt mind him here but his fee wages and age would probably not make it worthwhile.
  13. I doubt Brentford would agree to selling one of their best players and getting one of ours in return with a clause that says if becomes any good we will have him back
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