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  1. We are desperate for a good set piece taker, id love to see this one happen but not so sure Southampton would sell for anything that isn't a ridiculous amount
  2. I would absolutely love ward prowse, we are building some team here!
  3. Fantastic season overall from villa and Dean Smith, roll on next season
  4. Great result tonight and good performance! Glad to see 2 youngsters make their debuts too, I hope Smith says something about the state of var as well, we've been **** over with it far to many times so far this season and I genuinley belive that penalty is the worst of them all
  5. Piss poor from him today, Roy Hodgson changed it up at half time and Smith didn't know what to do. He watched Ramsey for 84 minutes struggle to get into the game and only replace him once we are losing then just resorts to throwing on 2 big strikers. It's been a good season overall but could have been so much better.
  6. Embarrassing, why Smith hasn't hooked Ramsey for being absolute wank for 80 odd minutes I don't know. No doubt it'll be time for Davis soon
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