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  1. So is that the end of it then? Surely if there was investigations he wouldn't just apologise for being out in a lockdown
  2. Dean Smith made him captain after his return from injury, I highly doubt that would have happened if he'd just missed a month of football for failing a drugs test.
  3. Well for one we had to play without a striker for a few games which was painful to watch, Wesley was just left isolated up top and we are seeing the same with samatta now.
  4. Wasn't a bonus in the slightest bit
  5. A small part maybe, but it ultimately falls on Dean Smith. He's the man who picks the side, the man who picks the formation, he's the one who's stuck with this philosophy of playing out from the back that has cost us countless times. His inability to change anything in game pisses me off as well, he saw elmo marking jonny Evans on a corners last week and didn't once think that maybe that should not be happening and just went with it all game despite looking like conceding of every one. I'm fairly sure Dean Smith was a centre back himself so he should know how a defence should be coached and set up but yet its all john Terry's fault.
  6. Why though? It's not as if Smith has got us playing good football.
  7. Im not even shocked at those stats
  8. Sheff United been sat in 7th place with a game in hand says it all. On paper they'll have one of the weaker squads of the division but wilder is a good coach getting the best out them.
  9. It's still a garbage thing to post
  10. The throwback to the wolves game earlier was so cringey
  11. Leicester had one win in about 7 games prior to playing us so whilst they are 3rd they haven't been playing like it, reinas mistake was dreadful but it could have been 3 or 4 down already at that point, we looked like conceding off every set play we defended and posed pretty much 0 threat in attack. The issue I have is not so much the results but the actual performances we are putting in. We played Southampton the other week, the side with the worst home record in the league and let them have 20+ shots and actually walk all over us for 90 minutes, Bournemouth battered us as well! Absolutely massive games and we didn't even turn up.
  12. I'd offer it alladyce for last 10 games, give him a massive bonus if he kept us up then start the search for a long term manager.
  13. Problem is, under Smith we are hardly ever winning and when we are we still lose.
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