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  1. Had an excellent 1st minute, didn't see him after that
  2. In our last 7 games we've played well for 30 mins, that was when Davis was on the pitch and we tried a different formation. Not sure why he's so against it.
  3. I am sick to death of conceding last minute goals vs Liverpool
  4. What has actually happened to barkley, looked so good at the beginning of his loan spell but he's so bad now
  5. Traore is a lot better when grealish is on the pitch tbf but trez and el ghazi no where near prem level
  6. I thought it doesn't matter if cash touches the ball or not, jota is offside he's interfering with the play because he's on cash's shoulder.
  7. If we just cut out our sloppy mistakes we can win this now.
  8. That touch from firmino really was nothing special at all, don't get that reaction from carragher
  9. Lovely turn and pass by traore just a shame it was to Trezeguet
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