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  1. He played OK by Trezeguets standards as in he ran around for a bit didn't give the ball away as much as normal and ran some more, he is too wasteful, comparing it to de bruyne missing is just stupid.
  2. Nowhere near good enough yet again. Konsa is our best cb in my eyes
  3. But he missed from 5 yards then wasted countless other good opportunities. He can have a great touch and technique but when you are as wasteful as he was it then it's not good enough. He was better than half our team though I'll give him that.
  4. He ran around a lot like he normally does fair play but he missed 3 big chances which is unacceptable at this level
  5. Half our team were shockingly bad today, mcginn has been on the piss all week with Scotland and was dire today. Mings, grealish, Watkins, luiz were also crap.
  6. Nobody shows for grealish when he has the ball, this is where barkley is so good, he always wants the ball and knows he can do something with it
  7. Watkins, grealish, Mings, mcginn have all been pretty poor. Barkley going off hasn't helped but you're never gonna win when your best players don't turn up.
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