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  1. holteend1982

    New Manager Speculation

    I understand everything is a gamble but I do not see the point in changing at this time especially with the window shutting earlier than we are used to. We are still in a lot of trouble currently with finances and ffp, imo this season will just be a mid table finish, we will still sell off some players reduce wages etc.
  2. holteend1982

    New Manager Speculation

    Good one. trying to replace a manager this close to the start of the season as an unnecessary risk, especially when it's the likes of Henry been touted to take the role.
  3. holteend1982

    New Manager Speculation

    Because sacking a manager a few weeks before the season starts is a gamble...
  4. holteend1982

    New Manager Speculation

    So after gambling everything last season to get promotion you think this season we should gamble even more? No matter how rich an owner we have we still need sort this ffp and awful financial situation out before we even think about taking risks imo.
  5. holteend1982

    Jack Grealish

    And there is no denying Joe Hart used to be class is there? He's now crap though... I'm not sure if you're aware that the 2017/18 champions league and the world Cup was quite recent meaning Alisson is currently performing at those levels and Joe Hart isn't... If you think you're getting anywhere near 30 million for grealish you're going to be disappointed.
  6. holteend1982

    Jack Grealish

    Alisson, 44 apps for inter, roma #1 Brazil #1 with 31 caps. champions league squad of the season 2017/18, World Cup semi finalist. Grealish, motm against Liverpool fa Cup semi final, completed half a season in the championship. Big Big difference between the two. Grealish is still just all potential at the minute.
  7. holteend1982

    Jack Grealish

    That deal would actually be worth it which is why I suspect its a load of made up shite.
  8. holteend1982

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    Fantastic tournament, couldn't fully enjoy the final as I was still gutted England wasn't there but overall can't complain at a fourth place finish especially with our squad. Hopefully villa will surprise us this season as well.
  9. holteend1982

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Oh yeah I'd agree our situation is worse because we've actually no idea how bad ours could be but our team without any signings is a lot better than there's if they don't sign any. I don't think we will be to far of play offs with our current side and if 3 or 4 of our youth players can have a good season then we will make a good go at that top 6. Birmingham on the other hand have about 2 decent players rest are woeful.
  10. holteend1982

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    With the squad they have a transfer embargo is really bad news for them. The window also shuts 3 weeks earlier this season, after how much they've loved our situation it would be absolutely fantastic if this f*cks them.
  11. holteend1982

    Sam Johnstone

    Wanted him to do well with his career after he moved on from us, now I'm hoping he reverts back to when he first signed for us.
  12. holteend1982

    Jack Grealish

    Gutted he will be going but you can't blame, especially to a club like spurs. At least we can look forward to seeing him in an England shirt...
  13. holteend1982

    John Terry

    Terry will be 37, that is too old. He got caught out a few times being off the pace last season and hell only be getting slower. From what I recall we only ever played axel at right back where he didn't look great but he is a centre back, he is highly rated by man utd so over the course of a season I'd be confident he would be more than good enough. Axel doesn't need to be paid 60k a week either.