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  1. holteend1982

    Win tickets for the Blues game

    3-2 England win 80,000
  2. holteend1982

    January transfer window 2019

    So true, laughable we was linked to him with a 6 million pound bid, not worth even half of that.
  3. holteend1982

    January transfer window 2019

    You sure about that? I didn't think he ever made his debut for us? Edit: maybe I'm thinking of Johnson
  4. holteend1982

    January transfer window 2019

    Robinson a half decent player but that's about it, was never going to be good enough to play for us.
  5. holteend1982

    John McGinn

    Some of those yellows were just daft as well, when he's lost the ball then gone flying in. I'll let him off though considering he cost 2.5 million and is probably the best midfielder we've had since barry/Milner
  6. holteend1982

    Match Thread: Derby v Villa

    Best performance since we've been in the championship?
  7. holteend1982

    Dean Smith

    Please explain how.
  8. holteend1982

    Ørjan Nyland

    A nice clean sheet, couple of errors but he's improving. I think he'll turn out good.
  9. holteend1982

    January transfer window 2019

    If we sign a bang average championship player for an over inflated price then how is that any different to what we've been doing the past few seasons? Proper rinse and repeat. It clearly doesn't work.
  10. holteend1982

    January transfer window 2019

    And gardner runs the show everyweek for Birmingham, bannan is not that good at all, if it came to paying anything over 3 million for him I'd rather just have gardner back.
  11. holteend1982

    Easah Suliman

    There's plenty of players who have broken through in there 20s and there's just as many players who broke through as teenagers and have amounted to nothing. You could even argue barkley was put in far to young as he is only now starting to look anything like the player he was supposed too be 5 years ago.
  12. holteend1982

    January transfer window 2019

    8 million for bannan lol where have they got that number from? He's no better than Gary Gardner.
  13. holteend1982

    Ørjan Nyland

    Not half as bad as some make out. It's easy to blame a keeper for costing points as there mistakes often directly lead to goals but as a team we've been terrible. Some of the mistakes our defence has made or the chances our strikers have missed have cost us just as much as what nyland has. He's made some unbelievable saves, with the right coaching and support from the fans I think he can be a good keeper for us.
  14. holteend1982

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Always seems to be injured.