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  1. John McGinn. I've followed Villa from abroad since I was about 6. I was starstruck by Yorke and I loved Barry. Laursen, when fit, was the perfect centre back. Benteke made me dream again. Grealish is the key and the flair and the face of our club. But this dude is my dude. He is the perfect combination of grit and magic. Amazing team player.
  2. Crazy ref but we now need to find the character and determination to get something from this game. It's a good test on the mental strength of the team. We seem unprepared for the high press and physicality. Weird. Tuanzebe need to be more active moving into space when it's there. Now it's a short pass to a fullback under pressure, then hoofball into nowhere. We're not winning games like this playing long balls to Tammy.
  3. Very good indeed .Just love the first touch of both El Ghazi and McGinn for their goals. Perfectly weighted into the right area to set them up. Details that make my day
  4. Mings is just an awesome player. Just love the pace he puts into his passes. We struggle a bit when they press higher up the pitch. If we had wingers on form or suited for counter attacking we would have a more effective alternative to the long ball to Abraham. We're quite good when we're allowed time to build an attack through our midfield trio.
  5. We simply don't have the energy or ability for any tactic to work consistently throughout a game. Outplayed and deservedly beat.
  6. Wow. I did not believe they had the determination to return from the dead like that. I mean half the crowd has left and you're three nil down at home. And they keep pushing. They might not be excellent footballers but there is some desire in there. McGinn is just phenomenal. Thought the centre backs were good and Hourihane was running and trying. But I thought actually Whelan came in and changed it for us. MOTM.
  7. Fullbacks are too poor technically and our wingers lack confidence and concentration. No chemistry. We might sneak a point here but it's clear that we're inferior in almost every meaningful footballing way. The fans at VP expect better and better is just not happening, which seem to affect some players badly and the downward spiral is on. I see nothing but a long rebuild ahead.
  8. Two outstandingly average championship teams. Fair result.
  9. Just saw the last ten minutes of the half and eyes are bleeding already
  10. I guess it takes an entire team of players and coaches to manufacture this kind of crap. At least I think DS is well aware of our problems
  11. Absolutely pathetic display so far. As crap as we are at the back, our front three are pissing away any chance of buliding momentum by trying to be fancy instead of building a proper attacking team move. Just lack of intelligence all around. Incredibly disappointing that our team seems so mentally immature and unproffesional. Keep McGinn and Kalinic. Sell the rest of this pile of incompetence.
  12. Just watched the second half. A lot of misplaced passes. We need more composure from our guys if we're going to win games against this kind of energetic huff-and-puff opposition. With and without the ball, our defence is looking like a guy out on his first date. Abraham is our best defender atm.
  13. Dean Smith (and his staff) is putting the pieces together. It may take some time to get it all right, but as long as we're moving in the right direction I'm enjoying the ride. I'm relieved that the people in charge see that our momentum over the next few years is all about building a coherent confident playing style which is enjoyable to play and to watch and not about star players or short term goals. On the whole a very solid game by us. Bring on the next one.

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