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  1. I don't know Chelsea! Great result and lovely to end the season like that. Loving the togetherness of the team, underrated aspect of success. We ran out of steam a bit too soon - giving the ball away easily as a result. Lost structure with the subs, but great to see Smith giving minutes to kids in pressure situations. Not a fan of the red card situation - although I get how the incentives dictates overplaying a situation I will never get behind it as a way to tilt the game in your favour. Great season, now let's kick on
  2. Can someone please find new rules for penaties in football. Back against the goal, more or less without a chance to finish - Pogba falls over like he's a toddler and you swap a non-scoring chance with a penalty. Up steps the very charming Bruno, a first class cheater himself, and scores his obligatory penalty. The incentives for cheating for penalties, including for us of course, are so strong it pisses all over the game. But at least this way they prove that they are there on merit!
  3. Good game this. We play with pace, which is nice to see. Barkley and Traore much better. We can win this easily but will probably lose.
  4. Although they obviously have better players and squad, it's the decision making and timing that really make them unplayable at times.
  5. Don't know about the game, but I think the claret and blue cones look pretty smart
  6. Players and staff are just a bit lost without Grealish.
  7. I probably have my expectations completely out of sync with reality but that 'performance' was just jaw-droppingly horrendous. Do we have any offensively minded coaches? Happy for old pal Bruce for his deserved point, that is how I sleep tonight.
  8. Not a lot to like. Criminally wasteful with posession. Why on earth do you try a long cross field ball when in full control of the ball half way up the pitch. I mean what is to gain from this?Piss poor decision making. Mings is too focused on man-handling Joelinton. Play the percentages and keep composure instead. And why, when winning a free kick with about 35 seconds to go do you not attempt to create a chance instread of wasting time and playing the ball into nowhere. The midfield trio does not work. All of them look to get the ball to feet. No runs to open up angels. Basic stuff.
  9. Well done to them. The midfield worked against Leeds because for the most part their job was to cover spaces and interrupt play. Against Sheff Utd, a completely different kind of game, our midfield trio looked lost and unbalanced. Mentally not ready for the game. Didn't deserve anything and got nothing.
  10. We got no game at all. Abysmal. McGoldrick is running the show. Very disappointed with this.
  11. Looks like all of them just want to go home and watch Netflix and eat popcorn.
  12. Horrible from us, solid game by them. We've improved massively since last season but it's evident we're still a work in progress. It was clear that Coufal's relentlessness was exactly the right tool to control and eventuelly demoralize Grealish. We needed some sparks from other players tonight but they were all (except Watkins) just very flat and second best.
  13. Move Grealish away from Koufal and take off AEG. I expect Smith to show some sort of tactical creativity now.
  14. A few crucial blips of concentration spoiled it for us and we got Burnleyed. Overall we were very good - again. Some of the passing in the first half was next level. We didn't have the right pieces on the bench tonight.
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