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  1. no fight, no movement, no urgency. Grealish keeping us afloat but most of these players just aren't good enough.
  2. Love the way he grabs the ball off the keeper and running back to the halfway line...SAMATTAAAAAAA
  3. If you can’t beat em.... At some of the games over here they let fans onto the pitch at the end of the game once players, coaching staff etc have left the field. It’s actually really nice - I know it trashes the turf but end of season? Could be a good compromise?
  4. 9 minutes!!!!!! Did it, get in. Biggest downside . Wes finally has a game where he looks the part and gets injured - you couldn’t make it up.
  5. yep, players talk to each other, they see JK on the bench...
  6. My biggest concern in the summer was the lack of PL experience and it is showing, a couple of experienced heads could have made all the difference. I know he left on awful terms but how much did Everton pay for Delph? I would have taken him in a heartbeat...We should have pushed more to keep Tuanzabe and actually signed a striker. I love Smith and it's sad but he's not turning this around. This league is brutal and it destroys promising managers who can't cope with the pressure when things get tough and I am afraid that is what is happening to Smith. We can't afford to let the club go down with him....once that pressure really kicks in, there's a one in a million manager who can get his players to turn it round. We talk about the players having no fight, and no cohesion but don't underestimate how much that has to do with psychology, intense pressure week in week out, if you've never experienced things going horribly wrong, you don't know how you will cope with it and a lot of players will crumble, not want to play, start to hate the game...it doesn't matter how much you are paid players will never perform well if that mindset kicks in. And that is why PL experience for both players and manager is so valuable. It's not just the physical side of it it's the mental pressure of being in a losing side when you are physically under the kosh being able to cope with it and fight....and bizarrely out of all our players, given his background, I would have thought Wesley would have been the one most able to deal with it, but then maybe he is simply not good enough.
  7. I’d play El Ghazi up front tbh and trez on the wing. I don’t think Anwar would struggle too much making the transition. The player he reminds me most of is a young Gabby so....
  8. we concede around the 66-70 min mark because the midfield starts to look puffed. Every game!! They work their socks off but Smith needs to make a sub around the 60 min mark for the mids to give them some fresh and keep the momentum going. The less said about Wes the better, i just hope he gets it together, but again should have been subbed much, much earlier.
  9. Hits him on the underside of the jaw -I've been hit by a ball like that and not from that range and I didn't black out but it was close
  10. Remember how the rest of the team raved about him when he first came over, and what a handful he seemed in those pre-season games. I reckon he's struggling to settle in and that's impacting game/confidence. He's 22 in a new country, with new team mates, only one of whom speaks his mother tongue. Doesn't matter how much money you are on, if you are feeling homesick, so yep he's been poor but hopefully he will start to feel more settled and pick up.
  11. Can't complain re VAR on that one but why are they only using it properly against us?!?!
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