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  1. The amount of time put in by a few of the N. American chairmen to help get this event organized ...especially considering the short notice given for everything ...has been fantastic. Everything I'm seeing on the FB event page points to a great turnout. Several of us Houston supporters will be making the trip ...section 109 for me. See y'all there.
  2. Early next season. Not to be missed. Details as they develop. California Lions FB page
  3. Start making your plans to join the 200+ Villa supporters next year when they are unleashed on some unsuspecting North American city. The Claret and Views write-up on last weekend's event in NYC
  4. I'm expecting around 200 or so ...maybe more. Not at liberty to give details yet ...but there will be some special guests making appearances as well. This event will not disappoint.
  5. Dates are set ...September 14-16. Sure to be a classic. Join us as we paint the Big Apple claret & blue. Facebook event page
  6. The famous Football Factory at Legends in New York City will be the headquarters for big North American meetup in 2018. Dates to be determined ...but as always, it will be during the first month or so of the new season (2018/19). This event gets better every year & the NYC/Boston Lions Clubs are sure to do an excellent job on the festivities. Watch this space for details.
  7. A few photos from a fantastic weekend in Austin, TX. They didn't know what hit them! Got a result too. WIN WHEN WE MEETUP ...WE ONLY WIN WHEN WE MEETUP!!!
  8. Hurricane Harvey hasn't washed us away ...Austin is 160 miles away from Houston. So if you're wondering about the big event ...it is still happening as planned. Don't miss out on the North American Villa party of the year in nine days.
  9. The 5th annual North American Lions meetup will take place from September 15 - September 17 in the great city of Austin, Texas. It gets bigger & better every year. Looking forward to meeting some new Villa friends again this year. Facebook Event Page
  10. If you're ever in Houston, join us at Bar Münich for a few pints & some Texas-style Villa suffering.

  11. Thanks ...you'd be surprised at the following here. Not anywhere near the level of the plastic clubs ...but still, substantial. Pretty much most major cities have a supporters club. I'm chairman of the Houston supporters club (yes, that's a thing) & we consistently had several show up every week at the local pub we share with the Houston Spurs (also a Bayern Munich bar ...if the name doesn't give it away). Fewer matches on TV now after the relegation. But the regulars are there at every opportunity. We get tons of respect from other supporter groups for our level of pain tolerance. Even the local MLS radio/TV announcer gives us the occasional shout-out. On the North American meetup ...this was the fourth annual. I've made two myself. It grows every year. Around 100 or so Villans there this time. It's usually in a destination type city that people naturally want to travel to ...Chicago this year, San Diego last year ...my money's on Austin for next year. Great party town & only a three hour drive for me. Ian Taylor showed up this year & had such a good time he vowed to make it an annual tradition. See ...all yanks are not glory hunters. Oh, and just because I love it, our flag ...
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