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  1. On my way to Mile High for my first ever NFL game. Get to see Champ's ring of fame induction too.
  2. Open play chances created for teams not in the top 6.
  3. Punting after getting a first down at some point on the drive?
  4. It meant you choose your most confident to least confident picks. So for example your most confident pick is Patriots to win and give it 16 confidence points. Each pick then going down 15, 14 etc dependant on your confidence. If the team wins you get 16/15/14 etc points. If they lose you get 0. Glad you changed it back though, not a fan and too much effort.
  5. Just seen it's set for 9pm? Thought it was agreed for 9.30?
  6. Just to clarify. I know we've set the order, due to standings as @Tubby said but if @kkr doesn't then manually input that into Yahoo then the order will be randomised. I may be wrong about that but pretty sure that's how Yahoo works.
  7. Just checking @kkr the draft order has been set on Yahoo? Does't mention it in the Commish Updates bit.
  8. Completely forgot about this. Just seen my team, going to be a long season.
  9. I voted against changing. Not because I'm necessarily in favour of PPC but I feel if we got rid, the QB points would then massively outweigh every other position and would basically decide the matchups. Don't think you can change 1 without the other, and if you did change both it would then leave DEF points being the outlier. So basically I feel it needs big reform or leave it alone. Any thoughts?
  10. I play football then. Pretty sure last year we did it quite late on the Monday night. Haven't kept up to date or done any research whatsoever as of yet. We keeping scoring, squad structure, rules etc all the same? EDIT - Just checked, we did at 9.30 last year.
  11. I'm in. Can do any weekday after 5pm, weekends whenever, except Mondays I'm not available between 7.30 - 9.30.
  12. Sorry for the delay but yeah I'll join again. Has the league I'm in got a code?
  13. Anyone on between 4.30 and 5 gets placed in a waiting room essentially. Then at 5 everyone in there gets assigned a random queue number. Anyone joining after 5 gets placed at the back of it. There will also be lots of people in that queue with 4 games + playoff semi who won't be able to get a ticket.
  14. Just had a quick look, a very rough estimate of about 4,500 on sale at the moment. So yeah they're definitely releasing them bit by bit per usual.
  15. Most points in regular season, so it was inevitable I'd go out in the 1st round. Only had 1 week worse than this week.
  16. He didn't. He was claimed on waivers and you didn't put a claim in?
  17. The fact that @zak (London Champs) managed to get a combined 0.76 from 4 of his starters and still win, relatively comfortably, is ridiculous.
  18. So Earl Thomas is back. I still fancy our chances though. I was reading an article the other day about home advantage and how Colorado/Denver teams have the best or very close to the best in all major sports. It must be down to altitude. From a Broncos perspective the interesting part was our home game dominance in early season games. Since 2001 (New stadium) we are 19-1 at home in the first 2 weeks. Someone in Broncos set up has obviously clocked onto this as well because for the 3rd straight season we start with 2 home games. Apparently we were the only team to do that in the past 2 seasons.
  19. That wasn't me. Thought about it though, but decided against it. Don't believe he will ever be needed, I think Bell will be back soon and if Conner was to get injured before that, I am sure Pittsburgh would make sure Bell comes back rather than using Samuel. Also didn't believe it was worth getting rid of one of my bench options at the time for him.
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