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  1. 1st place with most points. Waiting for the inevitable 1st round playoff loss.
  2. Worth noting that this doesn't include the traditional top 6 but Grealish is absolutely miles ahead of everyone else for open play chances created. Matty Targett & El Ghazi not doing too bad either
  3. There's only been 2 games this season where me playing a kicker would have changed the result (ironically one of those weeks was where I got it wrong and didn't play one and lost although that was more to do with Darnold getting only 2 points!). Plus didn't want to drop anyone for a kicker when had to deal with both TE's on a bye and guaranteed playoffs already. We could get rid of them and it would make no difference to the game whatsoever.
  4. Resting my starters for the playoffs weren't I. In all seriousness though, would've won if I didn't play Matt Ryan instead of Jameis at the last minute. 27 points against Tampa's secondary is shocking. Plus TE woes with Kelce/Henry both on byes, Brate (a week after 10 receptions) had 1 target.
  5. Quoting that post didn't tag me so I'm presuming it didn't for others. @kkr should be able to just put him back on your team though.
  6. I'm presuming you both think the Wilson side won? I don't see it as one sided personally. Dorsett and Drake both offer limited value. Russ is a top QB but he's got Dak who actually has a better points per game record, and Davante Adams should be back this week, with Rodgers finally throwing it Davante should put up good numbers.
  7. It's fantasy points I'm on about. He's actually fourth in total points among all positions. Only Deshaun Watson, Pats D and Niners D have more.
  8. Now you've traded him I may as well say it. You do realise he's 2nd among QB's total scoring and 4th among QB's per game?
  9. On my way to Mile High for my first ever NFL game. Get to see Champ's ring of fame induction too.
  10. Open play chances created for teams not in the top 6.
  11. Punting after getting a first down at some point on the drive?
  12. It meant you choose your most confident to least confident picks. So for example your most confident pick is Patriots to win and give it 16 confidence points. Each pick then going down 15, 14 etc dependant on your confidence. If the team wins you get 16/15/14 etc points. If they lose you get 0. Glad you changed it back though, not a fan and too much effort.
  13. Just seen it's set for 9pm? Thought it was agreed for 9.30?
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