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  1. Brees getting injured and the rest of my team being shit.
  2. We had one last year but for some reason it was removed this year.
  3. Maybe it's worth having co-commissioners next year? 2/3 people who all have same privileges.
  4. So having gone through the transactions I believe this is how it should be @kkr: Brumerican - Laviska Shenault Jr, Keelan Cole, Dalvin Cook, Lamar Jackson, Dallas Goedert, Pittsburgh DEF, Daniel Carlson, DK Metcalf, Diontae Johnson, Jonathan Taylor, Joshua Kelley (All on bench) @Dante_Lockhart - Mark Ingram (Jonathan Taylor), Brandin Cooks (DK Metcalf) @rjw63 - Greg Ward (Dalvin Cook) @maqroll - Jimmy Graham (Brandin Cooks) I've dropped Pittsburgh DEF & Diontae Johnson. Just need Houston DEF back to me. They're on waivers until Friday, so provided no one puts in a
  5. Sorry, didn't realise Pitt DEF were part of the list. EDIT - See below
  6. Your team will still exist even if you aren't using it. @kkr can sort out the moving of players. With regards to the rest, my personal opinion is that you've created far more integrity issues than the random team. Yes it is probably is someone trying it on with a second team but at no point have they used that to collude. The message you sent was quite frankly bang out of order, there's still a person on the other end.
  7. I believe @kkr has the ability to put them all back on @Brumerican's team, but putting them on the bench so he just picks up 0 every week, but nobody else can use the players?
  8. The invite link was posted on page 3. What happened with bypassing the waiver wire?
  9. If anything though you quitting compromises that more. Say you just leave everyone on your bench for the rest of the season; 13 teams get a guaranteed win, 2 teams don't play you and therefore have it harder. (myself and @Tubby)
  10. Their email address off Yahoo if anybody wants to try it? @Brumerican I get your concerns that it may be somebody trying something but at this point nothing has actually happened (apart from some awful draft picks). It doesn't put anyone else at a disadvantage. Saying the season is ruined does seem a bit of a stretch?
  11. It's not TS. That's my bro, who actually did want to play but didn't get round to sorting it until draft day, by which time we already had 16 teams.
  12. I haven't checked back but I'm pretty sure the link was posted in this thread. I agree it's weird, but nothing dodgy has happened as of yet. There's no point disbanding the league or throwing games because of it?
  13. Yeah, fair enough you're right. I was going by this.
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