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  1. The invite link was posted on page 3. What happened with bypassing the waiver wire?
  2. If anything though you quitting compromises that more. Say you just leave everyone on your bench for the rest of the season; 13 teams get a guaranteed win, 2 teams don't play you and therefore have it harder. (myself and @Tubby)
  3. Their email address off Yahoo if anybody wants to try it? @Brumerican I get your concerns that it may be somebody trying something but at this point nothing has actually happened (apart from some awful draft picks). It doesn't put anyone else at a disadvantage. Saying the season is ruined does seem a bit of a stretch?
  4. It's not TS. That's my bro, who actually did want to play but didn't get round to sorting it until draft day, by which time we already had 16 teams.
  5. I haven't checked back but I'm pretty sure the link was posted in this thread. I agree it's weird, but nothing dodgy has happened as of yet. There's no point disbanding the league or throwing games because of it?
  6. Yeah, fair enough you're right. I was going by this.
  7. Yeah must admit I wasn't expecting to be able to get both, thinking it was the same system as last year. Although I would have got Hines no matter what, judging by waiver claims. Not sure if possible, but if @kkr can change it back to whatever the setting was previously it would be better, expect most would agree? Looks like "continual rolling list" judging by this (https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN6427.html)
  8. I'd suggest getting rid of Week 17. Infamous for teams resting players. Also, 1 minute per pick seems a lot. Works out to a 3 hour draft!
  9. If we're going with 2 separate leagues, my suggestion for relegation and promotion would be; 2 teams with worst record in top division get relegated. In bottom division, the playoff winner & team with best overall record get promoted. Only thing is would have to work out what to do in the scenario of it being the same team with best record and playoff win. Potentially team with 2nd best record?
  10. 1st place with most points. Waiting for the inevitable 1st round playoff loss.
  11. Worth noting that this doesn't include the traditional top 6 but Grealish is absolutely miles ahead of everyone else for open play chances created. Matty Targett & El Ghazi not doing too bad either
  12. There's only been 2 games this season where me playing a kicker would have changed the result (ironically one of those weeks was where I got it wrong and didn't play one and lost although that was more to do with Darnold getting only 2 points!). Plus didn't want to drop anyone for a kicker when had to deal with both TE's on a bye and guaranteed playoffs already. We could get rid of them and it would make no difference to the game whatsoever.
  13. Resting my starters for the playoffs weren't I. In all seriousness though, would've won if I didn't play Matt Ryan instead of Jameis at the last minute. 27 points against Tampa's secondary is shocking. Plus TE woes with Kelce/Henry both on byes, Brate (a week after 10 receptions) had 1 target.
  14. Quoting that post didn't tag me so I'm presuming it didn't for others. @kkr should be able to just put him back on your team though.
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