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  1. I'm happy with him keeping Luiz out the side.
    He's not great but I thought he improved against Norwich. 

    Luiz is 21, he should be coming off the bench and learning his trade that way. I don't think he has the mental capacity to play 90 mins yet, he makes too many costly mistakes.

  2. He's a whole lot of nothing. 
    He isn't quick, so he can't play as that winger than drives to the byline. 
    He isn't techincal, so he can't play as a cultured winger cutting in onto his stronger foot. 

    He's likeable as he gives 100% but if we stay up this season (and in fact, if we don't), he will be a squad player. 

  3. As much as I thought Engels looked like a solid player, I see the argument for keeping Hause on the left of a back 3. 
    He gives me a heart attack every time he tries to play out from the back but he is quicker, stronger and better in the air than Engels albeit he doesn't read situations half as well. 

    It's a toss up really. Problem is, Engels has disappeared so there is no debate to be had for now!

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  4. 39 minutes ago, rodders0223 said:

    ...and the yellows for the badgering and surrounding of the ref afterwards for a good minute or two.

    The most not commital performance from a ref I think I have ever seen.

    He missed about 5 blatant yellow cards. 

  5. This may have already been mentioned in the match thread but for ‘his’ goal last night, did anyone else notice Mings actually dives in the box? Its the most blatant dive ever but the beauty of it is, the dive itself sets off a chain reaction where the ball falls to Konsa who hits it against Mings as he’s coming out of the dive. If Mings hadn’t dived, Konsa’s shot probably would have gone straight through to Foster but it’s that beautiful attempt at simulation that has won us the match. 

    Finally, justice for what happened at Palace. 

    Rewatch it, it’s genius. 

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  6. It's getting to the point now where he is MOTM in every single game he plays. Last night, you could see the tactic was to just foul him at source to make sure he couldn't get anywhere with the ball but even then, he rips teams apart. The two backheels to El Ghazi and Targett were sublime and you can't underestimate his role in the first goal either. The awareness to turn and run across the edge of the box created panic in the Watford defence and we eventually scored. 

    He is a magician. A wonderful player. The best player I've ever seen in a Villa shirt. We just have to stay up so we can at least try and keep him. He should be the first name on the England team sheet and I don't think it will be long before he is.

    I kinda love the bloke. 

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  7. I really, really like him. 

    He reminds me of when Terry came to the club. You know all about them because they've played at the very top but you never really appreciate how good they actually are. This bloke must have been an incredible keeper back in the day. He oozes confidence and there is no part of me that gets worried when he comes to claim a cross. 

    Super signing. Our recruitment is top notch 😉

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  8. 6 hours ago, Five Ken McNaughts said:

    Never stopped talking, cajoling, directing... To Trez, to Hause, to El Ghazi... Biggest voice on the pitch (alongside Reina)... Played two diagonal balls around the 15-minute mark that were inch perfect... First time I had watched him in the flesh – pleasantly surprised.

    He was much better last night. Once he is Premier League match fit, his feet will be able to do what his brain wants them to again.
    I really want him to do well. He is a leader and I think he gives 100%. Looks as though he cares. 

    If we can get him fitter and sharper, he could play a big role for us in this relegation fight. I think he'll really enjoy himself at Villa as well if he gets his head right. As good as Leicester are, playing in front of a packed Villa park is far more exciting for a player. 

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  9. Just now, KenjiOgiwara said:

    Hold up play and work rate was piss poor. Not impressed. 

    Came to post something similar. 

    He’s not a striker but tbh, some of his performances on the wing have been as bad. 

    Not a fan of his at all really. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, LondonLax said:

    Both Drinkwater and Luiz were playing deeper than him in a ‘quarterback’ role. Nakamba was winning the ball with his back to goal and laying it back to the quarterback to rake a long pass away to the wide players. Was working well all match. 

    Good point. If the wide players improve their crossing, we’d have scored a few more tonight. That Samatta is decent in the air so hopefully if this is a tactic moving forward, we have a player who gets on the end of the crosses. El Ghazi just looks out of place up there on his own. 

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