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The par table


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On the theory that 90 points is pretty much guaranteed the title, the golf idea of par can be adapted. Especially over the early parts of the season, this may give more clarity than a simple table.

I've allocated the 90 points as follows (the 90 point figure is for a club that finished last season in the top 4, the actual targets for clubs in other brackets last year are lower; OTOH if, say, Villa come near 90 points, we'll have taken enough points out of nearly everyone else to give us the title)

Top 4: 1 point home & away (total par: 90 points)

5-7: 2* points home, 1 point away (total par: 89 points)

8-10: 3 points home, 2 points away (total par: 87 points)

11-20: 3 points home & away (total par: 86 points)

(brackets assigned based on an average of last year's table and current betfair prices for the title and top 4 (yes, I should have used the prices before Saturday... so sue me))

Top 4: Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal

5-7: Spurs, Everton, Liverpool

8-10: Swansea, West Ham, Southampton

11-20: the rest

So the table relative to par... (the signs are reversed from golf: above par is good)

Villa: +1

Man Utd: +1

Chelsea: Even

Fulham: Even

Liverpool: Even

Man City: Even

Norwich: Even

Southampton: Even

Spurs: Even

West Ham: Even

Hull: -1 x

Newcastle: -1 x

Stoke: -1 x

Swansea: -1 x

Cardiff: -2 x

Palace: -2 x

Everton: -2 x

WBA: -2 x

Arsenal: -3 x

Sunderland: -3 x

The x's represent number of games where the cumulative score through that game was below par. At a first guess, I'd suggest that 6 x's pretty much means that a club is out of the title race

*: others who do this sort of thing may frown on a par-2, on the grounds that you can't get 2 points. I figure that it's more accurate to recognize that a title-contending club should be allowed a slip-up and I want to avoid too steep a transition from par-1 to par-3. The idea is to get 6 points from the 3 fixtures...

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