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Emre - Hateful racist or being victimised ?


Emre - Racist or victim ?  

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  1. 1. Emre - Racist or victim ?

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Now El Hadji Diouf is saying he was racially abused by Emre in a Newcastle-Bolton game. Do you reckon he did it or do you reckon he, quite rightly, called Diouf something like a cheating little sh1t and Diouf decided to pull the race card ?

Obviously this is forum-trial at it's best as we know nothing about the case :):thumb:

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Having been to Turkey and hearing the way the local talk about anyone but themselves, I would ot be suprised if it was true.

I have been to Turkey on three occasions and have found the locals to be absolutely fantastic. I dont know whether he said those things and I would doubt Diouff massively, but if he did, dont judge all the Turkish people by him

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