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A summary from a happy man...


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by carlitobrigante

The last week or 2 saw an avalanche of negativity surround this site and MON. The recent run hasn't helped, but I would have thought the excellent early run and the very tough run of games would have seen the great man cut some slack - from us fickle villa fans I should have know better...

Now many were panicking and yes we still only have Bardsley but if the stories (and strong, muscular, indomitable rumours they are too) are true then we have happy times ahead.

Ashley Young: Class player, lots pace and great prospect where we could double in value (how many signings have we ever been able to say that about). Expensive? Maybe; but in today's market if Boa Morte is worth £6m then £8m plus extras isn't too bad.

Milan Baros: Such a shame he's leaving. Don't get me wrong, he was crap for us mostly and it was best for both that he went. He has just signed for Lyon, who are a quality quality team, way above Villa at present. There he will get quality ball to feet service from a great midfield and I'm sure he will fit in there.

I feel we would have seen the best of him if he could have waited a year or so till we have more creativity and strength in our midfield and alongside him. That was never going to happen though was it. Although every cloud has a silver lining!

Now John Carew. Stunning signing if we pull it off. Yes you may argue not the out and out goal scorer that we may need. However his support play, power and guile is something else. Youtube clips of him are stunning, but don't show the half of what he can do.

Now I know neither of the 2 incoming deals have been confirmed. But even the most cynical has got to admit they look solid deals that will hopefully break cover today or tomorrow.

Now please, if you cant be positive today about the Villa then you never will be, with Dioup added to the 3 above we have a top 8 team and that's before the summer!

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