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Televised Games numbers


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In our remaining 6 games at least three of them will be televised. Also we have only managed seven 3pm home kick offs this season.


I am interested to know if anybody has any kind of records or charts showing how many clubs matches have been shown on TV year upon year. I would guess Man Utd have the most but after that I would not be surprised to see us near the top.

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Article dated February 14th 2013:


Scheduled television appearances for the 2012/13 season:


01] Manchester United 23 (16)

02] Manchester City 22 (15)

03] Liverpool 21 (16)

04] Arsenal 18 (16)

=4] Tottenham Hotspur 18 (12)

06] Chelsea 16 (11)

07] Newcastle United 15 (12)

08] West Ham United 14 (11)

09] Aston Villa 12 (9)

=9] Everton 12 (9)

11] Sunderland 11 (8)

12] Fulham 10 (7)

=12] Queens Park Rangers 10 (7)

14] Southampton 9 (7)

15] Reading 8 (5)

=15] West Bromwich Albion 8 (7)

17] Norwich City 7 (7)

=17] Swansea City 7 (7)

=17] Wigan Athletic 7 (4)

20] Stoke City 6 (3)



The number in brackets is the number of times they had appeared on TV up to February 14th, the number outside the brackets is the scheduled number for the season.  This is for Premier League games only, cup and European competitions is probably on a separate list somewhere else but I'll be buggered if I am going to find it. 


Obviously there were still games to schedule at the time the article was published.   Also interesting to see how rarely Stoke were on. Clubs get a guarantee of ten televised games a season, and if they don't feature ten times they still get paid for ten.  

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Chelsea (h),Sunderland (h), Man Utd (a), West brom (a) liverpool (h), Man City (h), West Ham (h), Spurs (h), Chelsea (a), Reading (h), Arsenal (h),

Man Utd (h) ,Norwich (h), West Brom (h)


I make it 14 which is over a third (not including cup games)

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