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Poor Villa Support


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by avfcinwales

There's been much said on the poor support so far this season, although figures are up, and we have yet to take on any of the real big crowd getters, the Blackburn game itself generating support threads, so its with interest to see the away support at Chelsea tonight

I won't be amongst the 90 odd coaches travelling to Chelsea tonight, and I don't expect us to do more than struggle to a glorious slaughter ;-) , especially as the best we can expect is a penalty shoot out rather than a second game at Villa Park, which used to be our way of settling things, but deep down I'm in envy of the 6000 who are going and must admit, if I lived a little nearer to the ground, I'd have me flask packed and me sandwiches ready.

I'm sure whatever the result, it will be a great night for everyone, another great away cup moment and there has been plenty as the older ones amongst us will, I'm sure have there own special memory of. Excluding the finals I've been too, the European away matches, which in there own have some remarkable memories, Spurs at Wembley, the Everton League cup replays, Rotterdam, travelling away, especially in League cup matches was always an enjoyable event, especially in the 60's, 70's and early 80's.

Tonight's event is a remarkable precedent and one I've seen very little mention of so far in the media, if Abramovich had done it we'd no doubt have been hearing about it for the last 3 weeks, non-stop. Nevertheless the move by Lerner is a wonderful gesture and one that can't be applauded enough, its an innovative move for all sorts of reasons, and its interesting to see when some are playing down the level of support we do give, that a few simple moves have ensured a remarkable 6000 fans will be travelling midweek, in winter to see Villa play against the present Premiership Title holders on their own pitch.

Had there been more tickets I wonder how many more would have travelled? Should the impossible happen and we win, the euphoria will build and fans who don't normally travel away may surely think again.

There is a downside of course, 6000 travelling fans won't be sitting quietly, having been to two away matches this season, its amazing how vociferous even at Liverpool, many fewer Villa fans can be, imagine the pressure 6000 screaming fans puts on the players, both sets :)

Give O'Neill his due, he's mischievously talking it up, and lowering expectations, and for me already, along with his comments on refs, beating El Maestro at his own game. Those who are going, have the time of your life and don't underestimate the message you are sending to the rest of football Worldwide.

A team who has some of its own fans, bemoaning the support its getting, will be taking 6000 fanatical fans to an impossible to win away game. It's a huge gesture of faith, a huge acceptance of belief and when (sorry getting carried away) we win, a remarkable night for all and a huge message to all other clubs and of course the media.

Show the bastards.

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Two good articles in one day can someone check the IP address Malc has logged in on as it can't be the usual one :winkold: Hoping the noise from the fans justifies the Lerner expense and we play well, a result given Moaninho's record with Chelsea at the Bridge would be a massive bonus!

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Brilliant article Malc,puts a lump in the throat.We must be a similar age as I also recall and was present at all those great moments in our history that makes us Villa men. Work prevents me going but may good fortune follow the brave.


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