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Tribute to Bernie Gallacher


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From the Brigada 1874 forums

We've made a little tribute to the late Bernie Gallacher which will be unveiled just before the start of the game against Newcaslte this Saturday.

We'll be unveiling the papermill at the front of the Lower Holte in L2. Because of the size of it we'll need those people in the 2nd row of L2 to hold up the first part of the papermill while we'll be holding up the second part of it infront of the first row of seats.

We'd really appreciate the help of the fans who sit in those rows of the Lower Holte so we can give the man a good send off.

The papermill simply reads; "Bernie Gallacher-Holte Ender in the Sky".

Read more: http://brigada1874ultras.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=news&thread=508#ixzz1XjroKwtW

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