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Watching villa game in Cairns, Austalia???


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Just wondered if anyone knew if it was possible to watch the villa game on Monday night in Cairns, Australia - I doubt they'll have the game on their local TV will they?

Any advice would really be appreciated...im flying into Cairns on Sunday and since traveling around SE Asia for the last 3 months ive barely missed a villa game so im hoping to be able to watch it.

Thanks in advance guys, UTV.

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Book yourself into a hotel that has foxtel and preferably foxsports, even if just for one night.

It's a night match so kick off would be about 6 am there - unlikely to find a pub or anything open, although foxtel tends to replay matches through the day. Your only other bet might be the casino, which may be open 24hrs and have a sports bar running the match.

If you can find yourself somewhere with foxtel you'll definitely get to watch it. It's a Liverpool match.

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