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Rewarding fans' loyalty


Rewarding fans loyalty - a suggestion?  

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  1. 1. Rewarding fans loyalty - a suggestion?

    • Yes, firmly agree
    • Agree, but the rules for a discount should be very clear and transparent
    • Neither agree or disagree
    • Appears to be a bit complicated - could cause trouble
    • Bad idea - avoid

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Apologies if this has been covered before.

Just thought of this (well, credit partly goes to Ianrobbo actually), what do people think of some sort of reward scheme for season ticket holders, coming in the form of a discount for long-standing or intensive support?

For instance:

1) You could have a sliding scale of discounts, say 50% if you've had a season ticket constantly for 20+ years, less if your membership has been on and off over a period etc

2) Other factors, such as how many other tickets you've bought, how much you watch Villa away etc, could be applied.

3) Discount is personal to the fan, and not related to the seat, so you couldn't have a ticket handed down over generations. Come to think of it, you probably wouldn't need to. Obviously corporate tickets would be excluded.

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Horrendous idea imo.

Everyone in the same area of the ground should pay the same, regardless of if they attended last season or not.

The club needs to encourage new fans as well as existing ones, this idea completely alienates non local, every-game attending supporters - which I would suggest are in fact the majority of our support.

Why should I pay more because I cannot attend every week?

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Have to agree with chris... this would be very poor for attracting new fans. It could also mean a raise in prices for the 'normal' fan to compensate for the lost revenue.

Also raises a question of what you call loyalty. I know someone who lives in Denmark and still see's Villa 20 odd times a season. To me that is more dedication than someone who lives in the same postcode as VP going to every home game, yet under any sort of 'more history - more discount' scheme he would get no reward at all. Also people who work overtime all week just to afford to see the Villa - I'd say they are more deserving than someone rich who'll get a season ticket every year and won't even think of costs.

I've voted for too complicated in the poll for this reason. I don't think you can reward 'loyalty' when loyalty itself is far too loosely defined.

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It also creates even more of a belief amongst supporters that some are 'better' than others.

Try telling a season ticket holder that they shouldnt actually be entitled to away tickets first if they have no away history and 90% of them cry foul believing a season ticket should mean they should.

This is not rewarding loyalty, this is rewarding people already fortunate enough to be able to afford to go week in, week out.

To reward loyalty would be to hunt the databases, find people who buy 1 ticket a season (but have done since year dot) and give it to them for free once. Not giving more to those already getting a lot just for their ability to pay up front.

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