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My Dad 91 year old Villa fan


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I am hoping one of you can help. I have sent an email to media email address at Villa park. I know they get thousands of emails and there for may not read it or have chance to respond 

Do one of you have a closer contact and make sure my message gets to them 


I wanted to write to you about my Dad Alan Taylor. He will be 91 Feb 24th, Also the same day is my Dad and Moms 68th wedding anniversary (My mom is Elizabeth Taylor- yes that’s her name)

It would be a lovely surprise if you could send him a card or recognise his life long support in some way.

My dad suffers from the horrible degenerative disease dementia, he was a skilled tool maker until he retired, now he struggles to work the TV remote and day to day life is mundane for him.

But talk about the Villa and his eyes light up he often tells us about him and his mate cycling to Villa Park from Cannock at the age of 9. Leaving their bikes at houses that have since been knocked down for Doug Ellis stand

My dad can remember all the players of those early teams, he recalls many of the games he has been too home and away for over 80 years. He says we are related to Charlie Arrowsmith an old villa winger. His great uncle he believes. He has met some of the old players when they worked in factories as well as playing at weekend

He first started taking us (my sister and I when were youngsters)

At times he doesn’t know what day of the week it is, but he knows when its Saturday. Try and picture an old chap sat by his little radio with his ear piece in listening to every kick That’s my dad.

I know this a very cheeky request Is it too much too ask if he could be invited to a home game and have his name on the big screen, he can walk a short distance but very clumsily, so we use his wheel chair. He would have to attend with two carers my sister and myself (for toileting etc) and disabled parking. As I said I know this is very cheeky request but If I don’t ask, I would never know if something like this is possible and I don’t think many other opportunities will be available at his age and health condition. The last time we took him was to see the European cup come home again up the Holte singing and cheering but it was a little too much for him at his age and sight also failing.


Kind regards

Robert Taylor

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Sorry about your dad Rob but that's a beautiful image if him lighting up to talk about Villa.

There must be a community officer at the club who you can contact for this kind of thing? Also the stadium tour is really good and obviously there aren't hundreds of people there so it isn't as overwhelming as a match day.

Good luck :thumb:

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