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Football League TV deal 2018/9


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Is this the wrong place for this? Was expecting to see an existing thread. 

It seems Channel 5 have lost the coverage next season due to unsurprisingly tiny viewing figures for such a dreadful show. 

Then again it's going to be on Quest next year so God only knows what they will do with it. Please god we get out of this league by then.

Mind you they think Amazon or someone might get PL rights so God knows how much that will cost.  My TV bill is now by a distance the biggest household bill I have, thank god for the free market economy helping to keep costs down on that front :angry:

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Quest is on Freeview so it's still free-to-air although I guess it will be like when Champions league games were shown on BT Showcase and hardly anyone realised.

I really don't think the highlights programme is that. How could they improve it in your opinion Sid?

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