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Fixture chaos or 'progress'


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by BOF

Today was the day that both Sky & Setanta let the paying customer know just how inconvenienced they will be, by announcing their televised schedule of the pre-December fixture list.

Sky have announced 4 games involving the Villa and Setanta have announced a further 4 games. That's 8 of our first 15 games of the season available through the 2 satellite channels. A decent haul of over 50% for the foreign or TV fan.But no doubt a lot of logistical headaches to work around for the fan planning on actually going to the matches. So in that sense it would seem that we are a more attractive proposition than we have been for a while.

Whether or not the irregular kickoff times will adversely affect attendance figures during the course of the season will no doubt be discussed in detail over on the forum. Somehow I think we'll still have a much higher average attendance next season than the one just gone.

Here are the new kickoff times of the televised games

Aug Sat 11th @ 17:15 Home to Liverpool on Setanta
Aug Sat 18th @ 17:15 Away to Newcastle on Setanta
Sep Sun 02nd @ 16:00 Home to Chelsea on Sky
Sep Sun 16th @ 16:00 Away to ManCiteh on Sky
Oct Mon 01st @ 20:00 Away to Spurs on Setanta
Oct Sat 20th @ 17:15 Home to ManUre on Setanta
Oct Sun 28th @ 13:30 Away to Bolton on Sky
Nov Sun 11th @ 13:00 Away to Noses on Sky[/code]

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delighted with them

i have a season ticket, but I can't afford to go to every away game so having 5 out of the first 6 on the TV is great news for me

good to see Newcastle is on the TV as thats too far to go anyway

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