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Lions and Lambs?

Marka Ragnos

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Last night on BBC 5 Live's daily podcast, post-match, veteran broadcaster Pat Murphy said that this is a time at Villa "for lions rather than lambs" as we face a tough schedule and, still, a relegation battle -- again. He also said many players have been in the last five years "phoning in" performances. I found this an intriguing comment that really got me thinking.


In general, this year, who are the lions?


Who are the lambs?


Last night, I felt that Grealish, for example, was definitely leonine. He wouldn't let up. He pushed and pushed. He fought for balls.



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What does it mean "phoning in" performance? (I am not English).


Not giving it 100%


Thanks. It is hard to say who is lamb, as we can not see players in training vs. match.


May be, the better question should be, who has the ability to play on Europe places, mid-table, relegation or championship levels.


Pat Murphy should name those players, without it, it is worth nothing.

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