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  1. Wtf is Cissokho doing on the LB position again???
  2. How on Earth can you write something like this? Sanchez is not a footballer, he is poor as hell and way behind Gana...and all of them are shitty players.
  3. David Moyes a complete idiot in MOTD claimed no penalties regarding Huth's foul plays on Kozak. At least one had to be given, just remember Westwood's penalty... I agree, Kozak is little bit rusty, but he is a proven goalscorer and I do not get it, why the hell he was not playing regularly.
  4. Which include to head a defensive clearance into the sideline, or byline. His solution before first goal was almost a worst case scenario.
  5. Am I the only one expecting three points from Spurs? Every match is winnable as far as I know. Is not it?
  6. Richardson was 50% guilty for third goal. Did anybody see a total idiotic movement of Sanchez trying to do a tackle from wrong side? Footballer with brain would cover Richardson from inside behind him and not to run and try to double him from outside. Sanchez guilty for 50% too. This is a basic principle of tackling and DM have to know it! Lowton played pretty well as LB as far as I remember well, why Tim switched to not 100% fit Richardson is beyond me.
  7. Majkee

    Carles Gil

    There must be a problem if player found himself behind Weimann in pecking order...
  8. Majkee

    Carles Gil

    No way. His right is to ask his manager why it is so. And after that, he should work on himself to eliminate those cons. That is what he is paid for.
  9. Majkee

    Carles Gil

    If he drove away before kick-off due to "not being selected", his career would/had to be finished here...
  10. Majkee

    Carles Gil

    I had thought, that he would play against QPR, but as far as I saw a diamond at home (4-1-2-1-2) I recognized, that I was wrong. And honestly, if a priority for Tim is duo Benteke - Gabby, there is no other place for Gil, but AMC occupied by Young Padavan Jack currently. Even Joe Cole is before him.
  11. He will not adapt. This is not La Liga with no pressing and 50 kg ballerinas...
  12. Well played yesterday, Young Padavan. Should have scored, 3:1 up at halftime, game over. It was a clear cut chance.
  13. In this injury crysis, Tim made two mistakes yesterday imho: 1. picked Richardson instead of Lowton, who was very good as a LB when played last few games, 2. picked Sanchez, worst DM I have ever seen in Villa shirts. Reo-Cocker would be a magician compared to Sanchez. Obviously, Hutton was not fit, Tim have chosen Bacuna as an attacking right back, ok, this was better choice than Lowton, but in this case, Lowton would be obviously better choice than Richardson on the left back, as he did not play for few weeks. But why has he chosen Sanchez is beyond me. Is Westwood injured? Not on the bench... Sanchez was responsible for two goals, first with Bacuna, third with Richardson.
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